Right Vacuum Cleaner

Tips For Choosing The Right Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is not always so easy, because a vacuum cleaner is not just a vacuum cleaner but there are a lot of differences between the vacuum cleaner models. Different models have different functions: robot vacuum cleaner, shaft vacuum cleaner, classic vacuum cleaner, central vacuum cleaner and more.

Which vacuum cleaner you should choose depends on how you live, if you have allergies and how your home is furnished. You should also make choice according to your floors for better results.

Go through these points before choosing which vacuum cleaner will be your new helper.

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Allergy sufferers

For those with allergies, a vacuum cleaner with particle emission class A is recommended to minimize the amount of dust in the air also prevent dust particles to flow in the air.

Range on large surfaces

If you live large, you should look at the range of the vacuum cleaner so that you have to change wall sockets as few times as possible during vacuuming. 11 meters and up is considered a long range. For a large home, it is also good with a high suction power.

Noise level

The noise level on a vacuum cleaner can vary a lot, which may be worth taking into account if, for example, you want to vacuum when the children are sleeping. 60 dB corresponds to normal tone of voice while 85 dB is comparable to a hair dryer. To make the vacuum cleaner sound smaller, it is often possible to regulate the engine speed.

HEPA filter

More and more new models of vacuum cleaners have filters that ensure that the air that is blown out is filtered in an efficient way, which is extra good for allergy sufferers.

A high-performance HEPA filter ensures that both the floor and the air are free of dust because they are extra tight and stop even the smallest particles. The vacuum cleaner is completely insulated and does not leak dust and particles from the nozzle, hose, vacuum cleaner body or exhaust filter.

HEPA filters are available in several different variants; HEPA 11 purifies the air up to 95%, HEPA 12 up to 99.5% and HEPA 13 up to 99.95%. However, remember to change the filter every one or two years for it to work as desired.

Several floors

If you have several floors like wooden and tile floor, you should think about the weight of the vacuum cleaner especially on tile floor. Having to carry a heavyweight up and down the stairs can significantly reduce the number of times the vacuum cleaner is used.


The mobility of the vacuum cleaner is an important feature, especially in homes with a lot of furniture. So take an extra look at the vacuum cleaner wheels. 4 wheels that can spin independently of each other are optimal for the greatest possible mobility. The size of the vacuum cleaner’s wheels affects how easy it is to maneuver. Larger wheels make the machine easier to pull over thresholds.


Large vacuum cleaners can be difficult to fit in the cleaning cabinet. Therefore, it may be wise to choose a smaller model if you have limited storage.

Hand vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaners, or rechargeable vacuum cleaners – are a complement to the regular vacuum cleaner. A handheld vacuum cleaner has a lower power and poorer suction capacity than larger models, but works well instead of a garbage brush.

Shaft vacuum cleaner

Shaft vacuum cleaner is a machine with motor and dust container on the shaft. It does not have as high performance as a regular model but can, like the handheld vacuum cleaner, be seen as a good complement.

Robot vacuum cleaner

For those of you who equate vacuuming with the plague, we cannot advocate a robot vacuum cleaner enough. It can even vacuum when you are at work so that it is clean when you get home. They are available in several variants and can be seen as a complement as well as in some cases alternatives to full-size models.

Vacuum cleaner bags

Vacuum cleaner bags need to be replaced and there is a plethora of variants. You will find a large selection with us. A feature that can be good to have on the vacuum cleaner is an indicator that shows when the bag starts to get full.

Central vacuum cleaner

Central vacuum cleaner has the advantage that you do not have to drag the vacuum cleaner with you during cleaning, in addition, the noise level for a central vacuum cleaner is relatively low. The engine is mounted in the basement or in a storage room together with the dust container which needs to be emptied a couple of times a year. A central vacuum cleaner requires installation and is not something for you who live in a tenancy.

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