Orthopedic Mattress

Choosing a Bed For an Orthopedic Mattress

Many people are happy to use orthopedic mattresses, noting their benefits. Such products help the body to relax during sleep, have a good rest, cope with back pain, and prevent the development of scoliosis in children. In order for an orthopedic mattress to be useful, you need to correctly choose a bed for it.

What are the bed bases?

There are a great variety of bed models. Everyone chooses the design, color and material of the body and upholstery according to their taste. But there is one component in the design of the bed, which must be paid attention to. This is the foundation. There are flat bases and slats.

  1. A flat base is a solid, level surface consisting of boards, plywood, chipboard and other materials. Such bases are called bed boxes, or mattress bases. In fact, they are a separate product and can replace a bed. Due to the simplicity and reliability of the design, the base is able to withstand heavy loads and has a fairly affordable price.
  2. Slatted base – consists of a wooden or metal frame, on top of which slats (lamellas) are located. Lamellas are often made of bent-glued birch, but there may be options from other types of wood. They are slightly convex in shape and tend to bend slightly under the weight. This provides an additional anatomical effect. In addition, such a base has excellent ventilation, because the lamellas are located at a sufficient distance from each other. The slatted base is often called orthopedic, and it is advised to buy it under orthopedic mattresses.

Rack bases. What are they?

The lamellas are attached to the frame using lat holders. Each holder is a kind of plastic or rubber pocket where the lamella is inserted. Such a device of the bed base allows it to bend, enhancing the effect of using an orthopedic mattress. There are also designs with additional properties designed for even greater comfort.

All orthopedic bases can be divided into three groups:

  • standard (no adjustment),
  • with adjustable lamella stiffness,

Standard orthopedic bases are an excellent solution when used with a mattress. Some models are delivered disassembled, which makes transportation much easier and cheaper than non-separable bases. Despite the affordable price, orthopedic bases have all the necessary capabilities to make sleeping on a mattress healthy, useful and great for relieving pressure.

There are beds for which the stiffness of the bars can be adjusted. The tuning zone is most often located just above the middle of the base, where the person’s lumbar region is expected to be located. But there are other locations of the regulation zones. They are equipped with double lamellas with special regulators (cursors) that move horizontally along the lamellas, weakening or increasing their rigidity. The closer the cursor is to the center of the lamella, the less stiffness, and vice versa. Such an adjustment will allow you to adjust the rigidity of the berth in accordance with your own preferences and make sleeping on the sleeping bed more comfortable.

There are also transformable bases. They are equipped with electric drives, which, using a control panel, allow you to adjust the position of the base in the head and leg zones. The transformable base will allow you to comfortably watch TV, read or work on a computer without leaving your bed. There are also limitations – for an adjustable base, certain models of mattresses are suitable, in which the filler can change position with the base. Also, such bases are much more expensive than standard mattress bases.

Summing up, we can say that the slatted bases of the beds help to take the most comfortable, anatomical position of the body during sleep, enhancing the properties of orthopedic mattresses. Standard bases have basic capabilities that should be sufficient for most orthopedic mattress users. For those looking for more comfort, it is better to use bases with adjustable stiffness or convertible bases.

Advantages of orthopedic mattresses

Modern mattresses are no exception. Having a lot of advantages, they are not without a number of disadvantages.

Complex multilayer spring and springless systems are often positioned by manufacturers as something perfect: anatomical, hygienic, environmentally friendly …


A characteristic that is one of the first in the list of advantages of mattress systems. The undulating effect is excluded – a serious drawback for double beds, especially with a large difference in weight between spouses. Restless movements of one will not disturb the restful sleep of the other.

At the same time, the risk of most causes of anxiety and bad dreams is reduced. Correct spine position, relaxed state of internal organs and muscle tissues. Orthopedic mattresses locally react to the weight of the human body, taking its shape and evenly distributing the load. No awkwardness, fatigue, numb arms and legs.


It is provided by the characteristics of the materials used and production technologies. It is possible to select a mattress according to individual parameters: water resistance, dustproof and antiseptic impregnation, ventilation, aeration. Additional protection against moisture and pollution is relevant when arranging sleeping places in hotel complexes, medical and social centers, and children’s institutions. It is important for the home if you plan to move frequently, have small children or pets.

More often than not, manufacturers recommend professional cleaning of mattresses, but some removable covers are ready to withstand house washing without losing the properties of the fabric.

Wide functionality

“Possibilities” of orthopedic mattresses are not limited to the ability to follow the curves of the human body. Unique combinations of materials and technologies provide climate control of the microclimate, maintaining the proper level of humidity and temperature. The micromassage effect of the RM Individuell Bamboo Round mattress is created by the convolutional cutting of the polyurethane foam layer.


All models presented in online store catalog are made from environmentally friendly raw materials. Manufacturers do not exclude the possibility of allergies to wool, latex, and other types of fillers, but they guarantee the use in the manufacture of only environmentally friendly materials that do not emit toxic substances during operation.

Healing effect

A comfortable position of the body during sleep is not only pleasant dreams at night and a good mood during the day. Blood circulation is not disturbed, arms and legs do not flow, the neck does not get tired, there is no load on muscle tissue in places of contact with the surface of the mattress.

An orthopedic mattress will not cure, but it will help to “straighten out”, to relax the systems tired during the day: musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, nervous systems. Especially for “comfort gourmets” there are “winter-summer” options.

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