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7 Amazing Benefits of Using a Time Clock App

A time clock is one of the most essential tools that we have in our offices. It improves office productivity, efficiency, coordination, and helps keep track of all activities both inside and outside the office. Let’s take a closer look at how this type of solution can benefit your office and help you gain control over your time tracking process.

Improves Productivity

Perhaps one of the best benefits of using a time clock app is its capability to improve overall workplace productivity. Modern employee timesheet software enables an employee to monitor the amount of time spent on a specific task or project. The time clock app allows them to stay on track throughout the workday and helps them ensure they’re not wasting too much time on one thing.

Eliminates Time Theft

Time theft occurs when an employee says they’re working when they’re not or when an employee punches time for another worker. Time theft leads to thousands of lost dollars, and not to mention, it can significantly impact employee morale.

A time clock app comes equipped with features that allow employers to restrict precisely how, when, and where employees can punch in or out. If you have employees out in the field, geofencing can help to ensure they only punch time when they’re at the correct location. If you have remote workers, facial recognition can help guarantee that an employee is only punching time for themselves. No matter the situation, a time keeper app can help get time theft under control.

Increases Payroll Accuracy

A time clock app’s primary function is accurately tracking employee work hours, and it does this job flawlessly. Employees punch in and punch out, and the system will automatically calculate regular, overtime, and even double time hours.

While the hours tracked are accurate down to the second, clerical errors often arise when manually transferring data to payroll software for payroll processing. The good news is that most time clock solutions come with the ability to integrate directly with payroll providers such as Quickbooks or Paychex. With a few clicks of a button, all data is accurately transferred over within minutes. Your employees will be happy as they’ll be getting the correct paycheck every pay period.

Delivers Better Job Costing

Accurate job costing is essential for any business that needs to track the amount of time spent on a specific job, project, or customer. It allows a business to determine future budgets, the average speed of project completion, and how much to bill a customer for services rendered.

A time clock app allows employers to load customer, project, or task codes into its system. When an employee punches in, they will be able to select the code they need to work on. All time worked under that code will be captured. Employers can then run reports on specific codes to gain valuable insights into job completion time and the job’s actual cost.

Provides Efficient Scheduling

Most modern time clock solutions come equipped with a scheduling function, allowing shift managers to create schedules for their workers. They can specify the hours they need to arrive and leave, any breaks that need to be taken, where they need to be working, or which project they should be focusing on.

Not only does a job clock app allow for efficient scheduling, but it also reduces the chances of burnout occurring. Burnout occurs when an employee is overworked or doesn’t maintain a good work-life balance. With an employee scheduling tool, you can see how many shifts an employee has worked in a row or if it’s been a while since they’ve had a day off. You can get ahead of burnout before its negative impacts take a toll on your business.

Increases Accountability

Accountability, especially at the employee level, is incredibly essential for business success. When employees feel more accountable for their time spent at the workplace, they are more likely to adhere to their assigned schedules and produce higher quality work. An employee time clock app takes what was once a managerial process and gives it back to the employee for improved accountability and, in turn, improved productivity.

Allows for More Flexibility

With more employees working remotely, having a flexible time clock solution at your disposal is no longer optional. Most time clock solutions are web-based, meaning they can be used from any location and any internet-connected device. This flexibility enables employees to pretty much work from wherever they’d like within reason.

A time clock app is no longer an option tool, but necessary to streamline and improve business operations. There are many time clock solutions to choose from, so be sure to do your due diligence when reviewing the different options available to ensure it will meet your exact business needs.

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