Can you make money from Magnet Fishing?

The truth about fishing magnets

I started magnet fishing a couple of years ago and therefore tried various magnets. And always ended up buying new ones to add to my very big collection. I always found something lacking in certain aspects with the magnets I bought. Either they did not have the pull force needed to truly enjoy magnet fishing or they would lose power after a couple of uses.  Let me tell you from personal experience, there is nothing more frustrating than to feel your magnet catch hold of something and not being able to pull it up cause the magnet is lacking.

I tried various magnet fishing equipment, suppliers. But sadly, no success because I was looking for a company that would be capable to deliver all the magnet fishing equipment needed with A+ quality. So that I did not have to be disappointed anymore and just enjoy magnet fishing. Honestly, I was losing pleasure in something I used to enjoy a lot. Especially with my son getting older and coming along with me and not being able to find and retrieve as much as I would have liked.

A magnet fishing buddy of mine showed me his newly bought gear as we were getting ready at one of our favorite spots to fish. He bought a fishing magnet called the Barbarian magnet and let me try it. Right away I was in love with this product so he advised me to look on to get good quality equipment to add to my lacking collection.

The Beast Magnet

So, when I got home that day I browsed through the website and found THE BEAST magnet. Most classical magnets I used in the past were only (semi) effective because of the one surface that would be magnetic.  I saw that the Beast Magnet actually is completely made out of neodymium. Making it perfect for attracting the treasures in the waters with his magnetic pull force of 1400kg ALLROUND.

Furthermore, the weight is perfectly balanced so using it to fish for treasure is extra pleasant.
Making the Beast Magnet the ultimate magnet for fishing for me and I think many others.

Just be aware of children and a strong magnet as the Beast. I have a 12-year-old son who likes to tag along sometimes with his dad to do some magnet fishing. Seeing I was always careful in the past with magnets that I used for fishing in general and especially when my son would join me. With this magnet, I felt a sense of being even more cautious. Which ironically fits the description of the Beast perfectly. To be impressed by its nature and power while also respecting it.

Why would you choose a beast magnet?

So to break it down for the veterans among us and the newbies as well if you want good functional grade A equipment. Buy it at magnetar fishing magnet and definitely try out the Beast magnet, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

The amount of joy I have rediscovered because of this magnet is almost indescribable. I am finally fishing happily and relieved knowing that if my Beast locks on to something, I will be able to retrieve it unless of course, it’s too big an object. That will happen more often now seeing the Beast is always hungry for more.

The fact that I hauled more ‘treasure’ out of the water even triggered my youngest son to come along as well. The looks of excitement that my sons and I share whenever we pull something from the deep waters is something that will forever stay with me and hopefully also with them.

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