Imaad Shah and Suhaas Ahuja play contrasting characters in The Married Woman

Imaad Shah and Suhaas Ahuja play contrasting characters in The Married Woman

Ajisunte ho. Hum kyabolrahe the ki…We’re back with some brand new tea. Wait, what? Yes. you read that right. Until now, we’ve told you everything that you need to know about the leading ladies fromThe Married Woman web series. Toh, what is it this time? Kya hai ye nayi khabar? Koi guesses? Any idea? Chalo hum bata hi detehai! Sunoge?

After introducing the gorgeous actresses, ALTBalaji has unveiled the male leads in the recently launched posters of The Married Woman. Aijaz and Hemant. Both of them are the two most integral characters in Astha’s lives. Aapnedekha? Nahi? No problem at all.


Come, let’s take a look at it together:

Hemant, played by Suhaas Ahuja happens to be the perfect man.  While he has everything that he needs to keep a woman happy, he fails miserably to please Astha.Iske pass gaadi, ghar, roti aur sab kuchhai. Par phirbhivoAstha ko sukoonnahi de pata jo vochahatihai. Hemant has unknowingly ignored all her needs which has only pushed her farther away from him.

On the other hand, Aijaz, portrayed by Imaad Shah is a free-spirited artist. He is the catalyst that inspires Astha to break free and step out of her comfort zone. You know why? Well, Aijaz strongly believes that every person should truly accept themselves without thinking about the boundaries set by society. (*rushing to find more men like Aijaz*).

Both, Aijaz and Hemant have a huge impact on Astha’s life. While Hemant’s ignorant attitude pushes her to discover herself, Aijaz’s carefree soul inspires her to fly high. These two contrasting personalities have touched Astha’s life in ways nobody can ever imagine! To say the least, Aijaz and Hemant have taught her to take a stand, in short!

Starring Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Suhaas Ahuja, Rahul Vohra, Ayesha Raza Mishra, Imaad Shah, and many others, The Married Woman is an ensemble of brilliant actors that give life to a beautiful yet sensitive plot. It is a beautiful saga of love, compassion, and self-discovery between two women, Astha-Peeplika. These two leading women go above and beyond to help each other grow and look for their true selves despite the odds. Leaving the judgements of the society behind them, Astha and Peeplika emerge like phoenix amidst the chaos of the Babri Masjid Demolition.

ALTBalaji’s The Married Woman is an adaptation of Manju Kapur’s novel that is ready to make a smashing entry in the digital world. Its unconventional storyline of a married woman, her conditioning levied by society, and her quest to find herself will amaze you. So, get ready to witness this one-of-kind web series on ALTBalaji streaming from 8th March. Buy an affordable subscription package at 80paisa per day and never miss an episode of the show. Happy binging, guys!

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