dangers of camping

10 Dangers of Camping You Should Prepare for Before Going Camping

First time camping? You have probably seen the beautiful pictures every other camper posts on their Instagram any time they go camping, and your interest is piqued and psyched about going for your camp trip. Camping is fun and all that, and you would have a wonderful experience, but you should know something. Before you pack your bags, food, tent, and get everyone else ready for the camp, you should know that camping isn’t all rosy, pictures, and fun. You should also know about the dangers.

Something You Don’t Want to See When Camping

The dangers of camping are the things you don’t want to experience when camping. You sure want camping to be fun, and you want to get some Insta-worthy pictures to show off as well, so you should watch out for the following:


You have probably heard how bears attack people during camping or maybe seen it in movies. It is not fiction. Bears do attack campers, and you have to prepare yourself for bear attacks, which may or may not happen to you. You can avoid bear issues by leaving smelly foods, deodorants at home or by using bear lockers. You can also protect your campsite with bear-proof before going to bed at night.

Mosquitoes and other insects

You are likely to get bitten by mosquitoes and other insects in the wood. Although they might not be deadly, they may carry dangerous diseases or sting a lot. You might want to ensure that you wear light long-sleeved clothes and bring bug spray with you.


There is a high chance that you would come across venomous snakes at your camping site. You have to be careful around bushes, trees, logs, leaf piles, holes, etc. Ensure your company does the same as well.

Getting lost

You can easily get lost in a campsite, except it is your regular campsite. Campers get lost yearly, so ensure you and your group stick together, and warn them not to wander off alone on their own.

Poor hygiene

Camping is also an excuse not to maintain proper hygiene because you are not home. Ensure you stick to your usual hygiene routine at home, like washing of hands, etc.

Contaminated water

You possibly won’t get clean water on your campsite, and there is a chance that you might become dehydrated. Ensure you get enough clean water with you.

Poisonous plant

It doesn’t matter the region you are camping in in the United States; you are likely to come across poisonous ivy, oak and sumac. Watch out for them. You might get itchy or uncomfortable if you touch those plants, but you can apply Tecnu or calamine lotion if you ever touch them. Don’t burn them in your campfire, either.

Extreme weather conditions

There is a chance that you might experience extreme heat or extreme cold while camping, and your tent might not be able to save you, so be prepared for either of the conditions. You can check out some camping tents on campingmind.com.


You should also be prepared for the thunderstorm. Heavy lightning can tear your tent, or you experience extreme cold when the wind is too much. That is why you should ensure to get the best tent for wind.


dangers of camping

You should ensure you are very careful, so you don’t drown. Keep close eyes on your group, and advise them not to go swimming on their own.

Camping is sure fun and one of the experiences you want to have before time runs out. While you prepare for camping, you should prepare for the dangers and educate your group about the dangers. Enjoy camping!

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