Turkey: A go-to destination for Deep Brain Stimulation

Turkey: A go-to destination for Deep Brain Stimulation

With the technological advances taking place, the medical industry has evolved exponentially, and because of this, we can now treat the most sensitive and inaccessible areas of the body. One such example is Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS).

Deep brain stimulation, often used to treat conditions like dystonia, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Essential tremors, and Obsessive-compulsive disorders is an elective surgical procedure. The process involves planting electrodes in the brain that are used to generate electrical impulses and control abnormal brain activity. These electrical impulses are also used to control any chemical imbalances in the brain. The programmable control unit for these impulses is placed on the chest area under the skin.

What is the DBS system?

The Deep brain stimulation system comprises three major components that are used to control the functioning of the brain and make changes whenever required.

  1. The electrode: Also known as the lead, is a thin wire. The insulated wire is entered into the brain through a small opening and placed in a specific area.
  2. The extension wire: Also an insulated wire, it passes through the skin beneath the head neck, and chest. It connects the electrode and the Internal Pulse Generator (IPG).
  3. Internal Pulse Generator: The final component is the programmable IPG which is responsible for the electrical pulses being released into the brain through the electrodes. It is implanted in the upper chest region beneath the skin.

Why is DBS needed?

Deep brain stimulation is used to treat movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Dystonia. The treatment is prescribed if there is no improvement in the patient through medications and is the final step towards treatment. DBS is an essential procedure used to treat various neurological conditions globally.

Different conditions have different visible symptoms but some of the most commonly seen symptoms to turn to DBS include:

  1. Involuntary muscle contractions especially with stress and anxiety are a major sign of worry.
  2. Effect on consciousness and concentration including lost spells of attention and uncontrollable movements of arms and legs are also a sign of concern.
  3. Excessive working of emotions and incidents of anxiety, panic, overthinking, compulsive counting, and even aggression.

Deep Brain stimulation treatment in Turkey

Considering the complex nature of the treatment and the fact that it is a neurological procedure, finding a good medical facility is very important. Because of its technological developments, one of the most popular medical destinations for DBS is turkey. But it is not only the friendly people and efficient professionals but also the low cost of deep brain stimulation in Turkey that makes it a hotspot. Patients can get all the modern services and reliable treatment at very affordable costs as compared to other developed nations. Turkey has some highly reputed hospitals including Memorial Sisli hospital in Istanbul, Hizmet hospital, Liv hospital, Anadolu medical center in Kocaeli to name a few. So if you are planning a DBS procedure for your loved ones or yourself, Turkey is one destination that should be in the top 3 of your list.

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