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Handling Your PDF Documents: The Best Tools to Split and Merge Them

PDF management is challenging and a pain in the neck if you don’t know what tools to use to split and combine your files. But if you already have the ideas of what online tools to use, your life will be more comfortable and stress-free when handling PDF files. So here are the best tools to split and merge your PDF documents.


PDFBear is arguably the top PDF managing software that people can easily access on the internet. If you want to split your documents, you can easily use its split PDF file online tool, and in less than a minute, you can start using the newly divided files. The process won’t hassle and complicate your life because PDFBear will provide a clear guide. Aside from PDFBear’s PDF splitting tool, you can also convert, compress, combine, unlock, protect, add watermark, repair, and rotate your PDF documents using this software.

You already know that this platform offers handy tools, but aside from that, PDFBear will make sure that your files stay private and inaccessible from other people. With that, after you upload, edit, and download your files, its system will necessarily delete those files, not more than an hour. The process is to ensure that user files are just only for them and not for other people. PDFBear is also free to use, and anyone from anywhere across the globe can access this platform through their computer and other mobile devices.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

If you are a frequent PDF file user, it would be a bummer if you don’t have any clue what this tool is from Adobe. This online platform is one of the best PDF compression software that can help you convert, compress, split, edit, merge, and unlock your PDF documents in less than 30 seconds.

Combining all of your documents with this software is quite simple and straightforward. You only need to use the app and go to “Tools,” and search for the “Combine Files” and “Add Files” button to upload and combine the documents that you need to merge. Next, you have to delete unneeded documents or change the arrangement of the files. If you’re done changing the settings, hit “Combine Files.” After the merging process, you can start saving the merged document to your computer.


The features and interface of Smallpdf are pretty identical with the software, PDFBear. This online-based tool can provide functions such as protect, convert, or unlock PDF documents. You can use its multiple functions to convert document formats to PDFs, and you are also allowed to do the process the other way around. Aside from the mentioned functions, merging your PDF files is a convenient process because you can combine a lot of PDF documents in one set up. This platform can also provide a method that’s not complicated and confusing to edit your files one by one.

With those functions mentioned earlier, Smallpdf is also capable of helping you reshuffle, remove, or split the pages of your PDFs and merge tons of PDF documents without any problem. Another handy feature of Smallpdf is that it automatically deletes all the edited, uploaded, and downloaded files after every process. With that said, you will be given a window time of 60 minutes to download your documents before they are deleted.


Now that you are provided with the right tools to merge and split your PDFs, start using them, and avoid the daily stress of handling PDF files. Choose the best tool that will suit your style and easily merge multiple PDF files or split the pages of a PDF document.

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