Guide to Selling a Motorbike

A Guide to Selling a Motorbike

Whether you are purchasing a second-hand bike or selling an old bike, or even if you are moving from A to B or B to A. Deciding and selecting the best bike transport and shipment services seems a daunting task.

With the help of this post, you can learn more by getting in depth knowledge of the bikes’ shipment. People usually prefer cheap and fast delivery services. However, many factors affect the cost of a load of guides, which we will cover in-depth in this ultimate guide to selling a motorbike.

Different types of motorcycle shipment services

Mentioned below are different types of motorcycle services. You can choose any service according to your needs.

1) Self-drive motorcycle shipping service

 This way is the most straightforward and cheapest way of shipping a motorcycle. In this, you can have someone drive your bike to your place. However, some risks are involved with this kind of shipping service as your bike may go through some severe damage or accident while driving.

2) Trailers, motorcycle shipping services

 This is one of the best shipping services available for bikes. It is best to reduce a lot of stress and unwanted tension that you might have regarding your vehicle. These shipment services are expensive as it provides extra covering and protection for your bike. Open trailers generally cost less, but your vehicle seems to be less protected in that.

3) Door to door motorcycle delivery service

 The door to door is the most requested delivery services by the customers. People are willing to invest in this service as the service provider takes complete accountability for the bike safety. Also, people find it easier when someone does this tedious task for them.

Important factors affecting the cost of shipping a motorcycle: 

 As the type of services has their fixed base charges, which vary on certain factors. With these factors, the final cost of shipping may differ in your invoice:

  • Distance
  • Motorcycle size
  • Pickup and delivery locations
  • Motorcycle shipment service type
  • Best time of the year

Things to do after your motorcycle is delivered.

 Once you have finalized your shipment company and they have delivered the vehicle to your place, make sure to check the things mentioned below to ensure if everything is in order:

  • Check lights, engine, breaks, and essential functions.
  • Check the exterior of the bike and make sure it doesn’t have any scratches or dents.
  • Make sure to check the mileage, which helps decide whether the delivery was made directly to your place.


 With the help of this guide, you can choose the best shipping services to deliver your motor bike. Make sure you take care of all the factors which affect the costing of shipment. Now you can quickly choose one and pick which suits your needs the best!

You can also learn more about the shipping companies to provide you with the estimated quotation for your bike delivery, including all the taxes and final charge.

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