Use PDFBear in Splitting Your PDF File

4 Reasons Why You Need to Use PDFBear in Splitting Your PDF File

A PDF file is the most common file format that people use to send information without any problem. There are times that we can’t send a PDF file through an email because of the file size, but with PDFBear, you can use its split PDF tool to split your document and send them one by one. So here are the best reasons why you need to use PDFBear in splitting your PDF document.

Splitting PDF Files is Effortless

With the split PDF file tool, it will be easy for the users to divide their documents into separate usable files. When you use this PDFBear feature, there are functions that you need to keep in mind. First, you are allowed to split a PDF file into separate pages. Second, you can also extract particular pages from the source file.

The splitting process is also easy and straightforward to perform. You only need to upload the file that you need to split. Then, choose those pages that you wish to extract by clicking on those pages. After that, start extracting the selected PDF pages. Lastly, if the process is done, you can begin to download or share those divided files.

Your Files are Secured

One of the reasons why many people don’t trust online tools is because they are worried about their files being leaked somewhere else. With PDFBear, you don’t have to worry about your files because all uploaded documents on their server are encrypted. Moreover, the files are permanently deleted after an hour of completion.

File security is one of the most challenging elements to ensure to other users. This feature is rarely found since everything can be accessed on the internet nowadays. Places such as workspaces and institutions often use mainstream PDF readers that have standard security measures. PDFBear has tools that can guarantee the safety of your PDF files, which leaves you with nothing to worry about.

Other Useful Features

One of the main reasons why PDFBear is highly recommendable is because the software is free to use. Suppose you are always on the go and don’t have reliable software on your mobile device. In that case, you can easily access PDFBear since it sits right on the internet. The site’s tools can quickly split your PDF files to separate documents without encountering any ads.

With PDFBear, you can easily split your PDF document in less than a minute. All of the processes involved in the splitting procedure will not compromise the quality of your file. The outcome quality is either the same or even better, which applies to all of the tools. Needless to say, PDFBear is literally a paradise for your PDF needs.

PDFBear is Online Based

Nowadays, you can find countless online PDF tools. People would even spend a fortune to get the most reliable one. But, with PDFbear, it has always been free to access. So no matter what device or equipment you’re using, may it be a desktop, laptop, Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, or any smartphone, you can still access this online pdf tool with just a stable internet connection.

All services of PDFbear are done in the cloud. It means you don’t need to look for a high-specification computer only to merge multiple pdf files. A piece of reliable equipment would be enough as your device doesn’t even need to exert any effort while the process is going on.


If your everyday work involves tons of PDF files, PDFBear can surely help you work your way around those tasks efficiently. PDFBear doesn’t require you to register or make an account. You can directly go to their site and immediately use their tools. If you’re looking for a reliable software, you should highly consider using PDFBear.

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