Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression

5 Benefits of Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression

Today, doctors use various drugs for off-label purposes. It means that some drugs were created to treat one or several illnesses, but they appeared to be effective against some quite unexpected health conditions as well. Thus, the use of ketamine seemed to be adequate against various kinds of pain. For example, you can find ketamine therapy for pain, ketamine infusion therapy for chronic pain, ketamine infusion therapy neuropathic pain, and so on. In most cases, it was given as anesthesia during surgeries. Today, we can see ketamine therapy for depression as well.

Indeed, ketamine therapy is used to treat mental deviations in people. It shows amazing results and they are quite dependable and lasting. We’ll check 5 benefits of ketamine infusion therapy for depression.

A Wide-Spectrum Action

Firstly, ketamine therapy isn’t limited by a single indication of treatment. It’s really helpful against depression. In the meanwhile, doctors apply Ketamine therapy for PTSD, as well as for:

  •  General anxiety and some of its kinds;
  •   Bipolar disorder;
  •   Panic attacks;
  •  Some kinds of phobias.

Accordingly, you can enjoy success if you have any of these problems. Perhaps you’ll have to undergo some medical tests to define how effective and safe it is.

Dependable Treatment of Symptoms

Secondly, ketamine infusion therapy shows outstanding results of treatment. More than 80% of patients received positive results. This therapy is oftentimes more effective than the best drugs against depression and suchlike illnesses.

To reach durable effects, you’ll have to take ketamine for several weeks or months. You should take it thrice per the first week, twice during the second week, and three times during the third week of treatment. At times, a maintenance phase is required. Thus, you’ll be passing the procedure once per month.

Quick Effects

Ketamine therapy is also known for a quick influence on the body. While taking such remedies like Zoloft requires several weeks to feel positive changes, ketamine takes from several minutes to several hours. Quite soon, it will improve your mood and suppress unpleasant symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression.

The infusion will take about 45 minutes to be completed. The course of treatment varies from several weeks to several months. It helps to renew the chemical balance in the brain. Ketamine quickly blocks glutamate receptors, which frequently enhance protein levels that lead to depression and similar psychological issues.

Full Supervision by Experts

If you’re treated in a licensed center, you have nothing to worry about. Competent medical workers will supervise the whole process until it’s over and you don’t feel any health issues. Treatment with ketamine for depression is always carried out in medical centers and it’s a huge benefit for patients because certified experts always keep an eye on them.

Safe for Patients

This therapy is pretty safe for people. You may have a light feeling similar to being high during the procedure. The risk of having ketamine infusion therapy side effects is minimal. There are not many possible health issues and they quickly disappear.

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