Common Painting Mistakes

6 Common Painting Mistakes That People Make

Once in a while, everyone takes up the role of a house painter and gives their home a much-needed renovation. Painting is one of those few activities that do not require much technical skill or experience.

But, at the same time, people tend to make several common mistakes while painting, which ruins the final result. Many of them don’t even realize that they’re making a mistake and keep on doing it again and again.

That’s why we’ve created this article with 6 common painting mistakes that you need to avoid if you want a well-painted home.

  • Painting on an unclean wall

The most common mistake that a large section of people make is painting directly on the wall, without cleaning it first. The surface of the walls is covered in dust and debris. If not cleaned, these particles get trapped underneath the paint and prevent it from sticking to the wall. This causes the paint to peel and flake off very soon. It is crucial to wipe your walls with mild, soapy water before you move on to painting.

  • Not priming the walls

Another similar blunder that people do is moving on to painting without priming first. Priming is essential for a good paint job. Although people tend to think it’s optional, the truth is that it most definitely isn’t. Priming gives you an even base to work with. If you decide to paint without priming the walls first, the application of the paint will be uneven and bumpy. It is also important to purchase the right kind of primer. For instance, for bathrooms, always purchase a water-resistant primer.

  • Not giving adequate drying time

Inadequate drying time is another common folly that most people make while painting their home. Giving time for one layer of paint to completely dry, before moving on to the next is crucial. Applying fresh paint on a wet, or even damp layer of paint can ruin the effect and lead to paint peeling and “alligatoring”. Make sure that you wait overnight for a layer of paint to dry, before applying the next. Patience is key in this situation.

  • Not using enough tape

People don’t realize that the painter’s tape is one of the most useful things at hand, and it can improve your paint job enormously. Especially if you’re a beginner. Applying tape is a sure shot way to get clean edges and corners every time. It’s also a great way to protect furniture like window sills, door frames, and more. They’re an extremely handy item to have at hand, and we highly suggest that you use tape for intricate work as it’s an easy yet effective solution.

  • Using poor quality products

Most of us are always hunting for a bargain and a way to save money. While that’s generally a good practice, there are certain things that we should invest in, and one of them is good paint and painting tools. Cheap paint tends to have lower adhesive quality, which makes it prone to easy peeling. Similarly, using cheaply made tools can lead to an uneven and improper application of paint. Make sure that you purchase good quality paint and painting tools before you embark on your painting mission.

  • Skipping the cleaning

We get it. You’ve done a lot of painting all day and you’re tired. So you leave the things as they are and let them be. However, that’s a big no-no. Paint tends to dry quite fast, and if you leave your paint cans open, they will dry out and you’ll be left with little product to work with. Similarly, the paint on your brushes and rollers will dry and harden, which will make cleaning them a much harder task. Make sure that you close your paint cans and put them aside once you’re done painting. Also, wash your brushes immediately and cover them in their original packaging, so that they can maintain their shape.

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