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3 Straight forward PDFBear Tools You Need to Start Using Today

People use PDF files to receive and send information quickly. Using this file format might be handy, but there are instances that you need to split, convert, or merge them, and using the right tool should be your priority. Lucky for you, the search is over because PDF Bear can provide anything to you. So here are the best PDFBear tools that you need to start using today.

Split PDF

With this split PDF pages online tool, users can easily divide their files into different usable documents. Before using this handy PDFBear tool, you need to understand its two functions. The first one is to know that you’re allowed to divide the pages of a PDF document into different files. The second one is that you can extract some pages from their source document.

The process of splitting a PDF file is straightforward and easy to do. Just upload the documents that you wish to split. Then, select the pages that you want to separate from their original file by clicking the pages. After the first two steps, start the splitting process. You can start saving the files to your computer once the process is over for the last part.

Merge PDF

If you want to use a fast and convenient tool in merging multiple PDF files, you need to use the PDF Bear service. The function that this software offer is not only for combining your documents because after you merge tons of files, but you can also still utilize its multiple tools to rotate, protect, unlock, and add watermarks to your documents. This merge PDF function can combine a lot of PDF files in a few clicks. The process is pretty fast and straightforward that you can easily access the newly merged PDF document.

All of this software’s function comes with a simple and straightforward process, and anyone around the world can use them, as long as they have an internet connection. The merge PDF tool is also among the best function that a person can access on the internet. With that, here’s how to quickly merge your PDF files using this PDF Bear function:

  1. Choose, drag, and upload the PDF documents you need to combine using the PDF Bear tool.
  2. The PDF merging tool will quickly scan and merge your documents into a PDF file.
  3. Before combining the PDF files, you can still modify your documents if you want to and after that, hit the “Combine” or “Merge PDF!” button to start the process.
  4. After the merging process, users can easily share their files using Dropbox or Google Drive or save the file on their desktop.


If you have multiple images that you want to turn into a PDF file, PDFBear’s JPG to PDF tool can quickly help you with those tasks. With this tool, you can add multiple images to your PDF files since it’s capable of combining all of the photos you use in one file. To start converting images to a PDF file, here are the simple steps that you can do:

Upload all of the files that you want to convert to PDFBear’s server. Then, you will be given a set of options that you can choose from, and if you think that everything is set, click the “Convert” button and wait for the process to complete. Once that is done, you can download your new PDF file and save it to your library or send it to your Google Drive.


Now that you know how to use the mentioned PDFBear features, you need to start using them today. Manage your PDFs with this software so that there will be less stress and hassle.

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