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8 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cannabis Seed bank

A cannabis seed bank is a place where different strains of cannabis seeds are stored and preserved. Any cannabis grower can tell you how vital a cannabis seed bank is. Any time they run low on the seeds, they contact the seed bank owners for a refill.

Not every seed bank is worthy of trust. Some are run by a category of unscrupulous and dubious traders whose primary intention is to milk the cannabis growers dry. Therefore cannabis growers need to approach every seed bank with caution.

A good seed bank is characterized as so only if the seeds it has are of high quality. Research shows that to get high quality cannabis, growers must separate the male and female cannabis plants. When the two grow separately, the male plant is kept form fertilizing the female plant hence increasing the potency of the female seeds.

Why a seed bank?

Unless you are good with the many strains and varieties of cannabis seeds, there is no way you can tell the difference, especially if you buy the seeds from a random shop. Hence, seed banks are the right option because they have the required expertise and can easily differentiate them. According to 420 expert adviser, you should only get cannabis strains from the legit cannabis seed bank, especially in Canada, you should be aware of scams.

A seed bank attendant will also always give you the right information concerning the kind of strain you want. They can advise you accordingly hence giving you a chance to reconsider your options and make the right purchase.

How can a grower identify the best cannabis seed bank?

Before making an order for cannabis seeds, extreme vigilance is paramount on every cannabis seed buyer. The points below should point you in the right direction.


A seed bank with a proven track record sounds reliable. With such a record, you can be sure that the cannabis seed bank owners have not been at loggerheads with the law. As it is, Cannabis is still considered a schedule 1 drug in some countries like the USA. Hence the sale and use of Cannabis are highly restricted.

The federal government controls the jurisdiction over mail. While most cannabis sellers deliver their products through the mail, they work hard to be right and in line with the law not to lose all they have invested in making their businesses thrive.

In countries like the Netherlands, the sale of cannabis seeds and the product itself is allowed. This makes it convenient for local retailers to set up shops for the product. Again, always stick to the cannabis seeds bank that has been in business for some time.


It is prudent to establish that by the time the seeds you have are no more, your cannabis seed bank of choice will be available to supply more. Having a reliable seed bank will help you avoid undue delays in your business as a cannabis grower or seller.

Means of payment

Most cannabis seed banks are short of payment options thanks to the restrictive laws in most countries. Even when it is conducive to work with the seed banks, most financial institutions hold back from working with them due to the laws in place concerning cannabis sales.

Since these seed banks can’t take debit or credit cards, buyers are forced to use cash, certified checks, or money order anytime they make a purchase. Hence, before settling for any seed bank, make sure you have a clear picture of the payment options they accept and the measures they have put in place to safeguard their customers’ interests.

Quality of strain

A seed bank that understands and meets consumers’ needs should be among the ones you settle for. Low-quality products are set aside by consumers within a very short period. Hence if a seed bank major in low-quality Cannabis, you can rest assured it won’t be in business for long. It would be best to carry out a thorough research on the type and quality of seeds the seed bank has before choosing it.


Like every other product suppliers in the market, cannabis seed banks undergo reviews. These reviews carry a ton of information that buyers can benefit from. Visiting the website run by the seed bank is key; check what previous buyers have to say about their products. Also, testimonials from the former clients you might have a chance to meet with will come in handy as firsthand information in your research about a seed bank.


Different strains of Cannabis have different prices. Quality determines the price. Nevertheless, quality is not the final determinant of how much a particular strain of Cannabis should cost. Buyers should be keen to note the average price across all seed banks. It will aid them to ascertain which seed bank meets their budget and quality needs.

Customer service

High-quality customer service is vital for any business. Customer loyalty is established through some of these simple things. What seed bank owners should know is that first impressions matter. How you are treated speaks volumes on the quality of all other services. Hence, when looking for a seed bank, it is best to focus on treating customers from the start to the end of a transaction.

Free knowledge

Nothing comes in handy as a guide on using a specific product from the site of the suppliers or manufacturers you bought the product from. A seed bank that generously pins some facts or guidelines concerning the variety of strains they have is worthy of you because it shows they have the best interest of their customers at heart.


A seed bank should meet your needs. If a seed bank has many strains and varieties, they might stand a good chance of being chosen. It is vital to note that if your seed bank of choice cannot meet most of the qualities above, you should carry out some more research until you find one that can meet all your needs.  You might consider trying Homegrown Cannabis Co. to secure high-quality cannabis seeds at a budget-friendly price.

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