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PDF has become one of the most popular file types in recent times. Whether it is a CV that needs to be forwarded to the employee or any document that needs to be sent digitally, we all take help of the PDF file format. A word document with the extensions of .doc and .docx is another very popular type of file format and more often we come up the problem of converting the file format into the desired one.

Although PDF files are small in size, compatible and can be used on multiple platforms but it offers a very little scope of editing as compared to the word file format. That is why it is some times important to convert the file into the appropriate format. For that purpose, we need to have some sort of file converter or an online conversion tool that can convert the file into the desired format. Even if you want to edit a PDF file you are required to convert it into a word file. Today, there are a number of online file converters available that are offering their services for free. We have compiled a list of some of the best online converters that you can use to convert your files into the desired format.

    First in our list is the platform that allows the users to convert the file into any format. This online conversion website is not only offering the word to pdf or pdf to word file conversion but you can convert the file into many formats that include RTF, CSV, XLSX and HTML. Along with the word files conversion, you can also use this platform to convert other types of files such as mp3, PNG, BMP, JPG, AAC, MOBI, ZIP and many more.

  • PDF 2 DOC:

    The reason why we have this online converter second is the list is that this is a converter that does not offer as much conversion as online convert free does. However, it is still very effective for written documents and users can upload up to 20 files at a time and can convert them within a few seconds. After conversion, the users are provided with the option to download the file in a zip folder which means that you don’t even have to download them one by one. This free converter is available for mobile platforms as well and users can also upload and download batch files from the platform.

 Last in our list is Small PDF and as the name suggests it is best suited for PDF related issues. The free online converter offers 16 different tools and functionalities regarding the PDFs. With the drag and drop function, the conversions have been simplified to few clicks only. This online platform also allows the users to generate a download link of the converted files which means that the files can be shared easily without downloading them on the local machine. There is a chrome extension available for the converter as well and you can also integrate this file converter with drop box and google drive.

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