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10 Things to Consider in Choosing Your Own Whiteboard

If you work in an office environment, you no doubt understand the value that a quality whiteboard can offer. A whiteboard can be the focal point of a presentation and it can also be a place where employees jot down important notes. With a great whiteboard in the office, you’ll be able to connect with your co-workers while developing and work shopping concepts. Unfortunately, the range of whiteboard options available to you can be pretty wide. From cheap dollar-store whiteboards to interactive whiteboards with digital features, the choices are endless. Today, we’ll be outlining ten key things to consider when buying your next whiteboard.

How to Choose the Right Whiteboard

Whiteboards may seem like simple tools, but they can actually fulfill a multitude of tasks in your office. Whiteboards don’t have to be simple pieces of cardboard with a white surface. In fact, whiteboards can be technical products that provide a great benefit to your office. If you are looking to install a new office whiteboard, and you haven’t already looked at the best Melbourne office furniture for sale, keep on reading. Listed below, you’ll find ten key concepts to consider when making your next whiteboard purchase.

1) Board Size – First and foremost, you are going to want to consider how large your whiteboard should be. Whiteboards can be as small as your computer monitor or as large as your entire wall. Obviously, context is going to be a deciding factor when choosing your whiteboard’s size. Do you want something for presentations? Do you want your whiteboard just to be used as a reminder board on the office refrigerator?

2) Design Style – Believe it or not, all whiteboards are not made to look the same. The visual aesthetic of your whiteboard can go a long way toward improving the overall look of your office. Do you want a whiteboard with a modern frame? Do you want a ton of color included in the design of your whiteboard? The choice is yours, so shop carefully and find something that is perfect for you.

3) Mounting Style – Next, you are going to need to consider how to implement your office whiteboard. Do you want a whiteboard that you can affix to the wall with magnets? Do you want a whiteboard that you can mount with actual hardware? You can also consider clear whiteboards that hide their frame completely. Do you want a whiteboard that doesn’t mount at all? Non-mounted whiteboards that can be passed around by hand are also incredibly useful.

4) Surface Material – You are going to have to take stock of the whiteboard surface during your shopping efforts. There are a variety of different surface options that you can choose between. From glass and porcelain to melamine, the options are pretty much endless. Each surface material will offer its own set of benefits. Glass looks great and is easy to work with. Melamine is cheaper but it tends to wear down quickly over time. Porcelain whiteboards are more expensive but their surfaces last seemingly forever.

5) Purpose – What are you going to be using your whiteboard for? Is this whiteboard going to be for making simple notes? Are you going to be employing this whiteboard during major presentations? The purpose of your whiteboard will go a long way toward guiding your shopping efforts. What makes for a great presentation whiteboard won’t be as effective for minor notes.

6) Budget – Obviously, your budget is going to be a major contributing factor to your shopping decision. Whiteboards are available in a variety of different price categories. You can get a cheap whiteboard that affixes to a metal surface for just a couple of dollars. Conversely, you can find your way to a wall-sized whiteboard that costs hundreds of dollars. Consider your budget and weigh it against your needs as well as the importance of the board. With the proper perspective, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need for the perfect price.

7) Required Accessories – When you purchase your whiteboard, pay attention to the accessories that it comes with. You’ll want to prioritize whiteboards that come with erasers, markers, and mounted carrying trays. Why not prioritize getting a whiteboard that comes with as many bonus features as possible? You might have to pay a little more in order to get a whiteboard that comes fully decked out, but your office will thank you for it.

8) Space Allowances – While you need to pay attention to the size of your whiteboard, you also need to pay attention to the room that is available inside of your office. If you need a whiteboard that can cover an entire wall, you won’t want to be shopping for small whiteboards. Conversely, if you only need a whiteboard small enough for your refrigerator, you don’t need to be looking at some of the massive options that are available to you. Take careful stock of what you need for your office while you shop around.

9) Collaborative Tool – Pay attention to what you intend to use your whiteboard for. If this whiteboard is going to be used by your co-workers in an effort to collaborate on a project, you’ll want a larger board with a multitude of marker color options. Your specific needs will mandate what you end up purchasing.

10) Frame Materials – While you need to pay attention to the surface of your whiteboard, you should also pay attention to the frame. You can get a durable whiteboard with a strong aluminum frame or you can consider painted steel or laminate. Obviously, your choices are going to vary based on how much you are willing to spend. You’ll also find that certain whiteboard frames weigh more than others, so keep that in consideration while you sift through your options.

Whiteboards may seem like simple tools, but they offer an immense amount of utility. Use our guide as you search around for the perfect whiteboard for your home or office. With a little luck, you’ll walk away with the perfect productivity tool!

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