Certifications for Enterprise Architecture

Top Certifications for Enterprise Architecture

The modern-day organizational culture is far different from the traditional one. In the past, there were only a few organizations. The old day’s enterprises work on a small scale (within a region) with small infrastructure. So, handling daily tasks wouldn’t have been complicated.

But with the advent of new technologies and strategies within the enterprises raise the need for an architecture that manages Enterprise tasks. As a solution, the enterprise architecture framework was deployed in the organizations.

And now, enterprise architecture plays an essential role in aligning business goals and IT strategies in the organization. Further, a new career option Enterprise Architect (EA) was introduced. More and more employee chooses their career as an Enterprise Architect.

Presently, every organization has its own architecture framework and enterprise architect. This results in rising competition among EA in the market. In case you are an EA or beginner and want to make a career in EA, then availing an architecture certification is the correct path for you.

The EA certification not only provides you knowledge regarding the architecture framework but also helps you to validate your skills. Here is the list of certifications that will help you to get a head start in your EA career:

  • TOGAF Certification

TOGAF  is the most preferred framework for business architecture and that is why it is a worthy knowledge grab. To provide an adequate understanding of enterprise architecture “The Open group” offers the TOGAF certification. Availing the Togaf certification and getting certified in it will enhance your skill set.

TOGAF Certification is a most recognized and seller neutral certification that helps you boost your abilities in understanding the TOGAF framework for the implementation and management of technology in business.

Moreover, TOGAF certification holds 2 levels, Level 1 (Foundation certification) and Level 2 (Practitioner certification) which you can take once you pass the level 1 certification.

Price: You just need to pay $320 for one exam and $495 for both the exams.

Here you can take a look at this video to get a better understanding of the TOGAF certification: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTApFfEnClA    

  • The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA)

The Open CA certification has three levels: Certified (first), Master (second) and Distinguished (third). In contrast to other certifications, you won’t need to take a course or pass a test to acquire your Open CA certification.

Rather, it’s a program that expects applicants to “exhibit abilities and experience against a lot of conformance necessities through-composed applications and companion audits,” as indicated by The Open Group. You can use the online self-evaluation device to analyze your potentials for the two dimensions of this certification.

Price: $1,250 with a yearly charge of $175 and recertification at regular intervals for $250

  • ITIL Master certification of Axelos

ITIL is famous for IT management framework utilized by enterprise architects to help oversee administration forms. If you are working in an ITSM domain with the ITIL framework, ITIL Master certification of Alexos can be very valuable for enhancing your ability during the management of services.

To avail the ITIL Master, you require at least five years of involvement in ITSM. And your five-year involvement must be in leadership, administrative or higher administration advisory job. You should have ITIL Expert Certification if you want to move forward for the ITIL Master test.  

Price: Cost of this exam varies according to the merchant.

  • ITIL Master certification of Axelos

ITIL Master certification of Axelos is an IT framework preferred by most of the enterprise architects for the management of service processes.  If you are in the ITSM domain and using the ITIL framework, then the certification will enhance your abilities and improve service management.  

If you want to avail the ITIL Master certification, you first require five-year experience in leadership, higher management or managerial advisory in ITSM. Also, you first require an ITIL Expert certification before applying for the ITIL Master certification.

Price: Charges vary according to the vendor

  • Council Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA)

The Certified Network Defense Architect certification by  EC Council is basically for the military and government sectors, that has a main focus on the safety and consistency.

To avail the CNDA certification, you first need to clear the CEH certification. Also, you need to first get employed in military or government organizations. It is similar to Certified Ethical Hacker and it’s designed for people who are trusted by their employer regarding the security of their network from hackers.

Price: You have to pay $250 for the certification.

  • Google Professional Cloud Architect

This certification gives you a clear picture of your abilities by collaboration with technologies of google. Participating in the certification is not enough to earn the certification.

You need to clearly understand the planning and designing of a cloud solution architecture for security. Moreover, managing the infrastructure of cloud, optimization, and analysis of business processes are also require to get certified. As such there are no particular requirements for the exam, but you need to give the exam in person at the official exam center.

Price: All you need to pay $200

  • Professional Cloud Solutions Architect Certification

The particular certification is dedicated to the architects of application, system, and technology and enterprise. Also, it includes senior developers and consultants of cloud strategy.

The complete course covers cloud computing, ITaas, service management, and understanding of customer requirements. Moreover, the course covers cloud technology implementation and evaluation of the architecture of a cloud solution.

Before getting this certification, you must have a TOGAF and Cloud Technology Associate certification.

Price: You’ll be charged $499 for availing the self-study materials which include an exam voucher.

  • Red Hat Certified Architect

The certification includes different level Red Hat Certified Architect, Enterprise Microservices Developer, and JBoss Developer is the chief certification. Moreover, to access every certification level you have to clear the number of accreditation present on the developer path and administrator path.

Due to the available number of certification, you can focus on your career and focus specifically on technologies and skills that you want to follow as a career path.

Price: The price of certification varies as per the course and location. Also, you can invest in the year-long subscription at  $5,600 or $7,100; cost depends on course credits you require.

  • Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA)

Salesforce CTA (Certified Technical Architect) helps you to enhance your skills which you require for designing and building a  solution on the Salesforce Platform. But before moving to the CTA exam it is necessary that you first earn Certified Systems Architect and Certified Application Architect.

After completing the learning phase of certification, it is necessary that you pass “Technical Architect Certification Exam”. In the exam, a hypothetical situation is given to the applicant with customer requirements. Later the applicant has to design the architecture solution.

You have two hours to design the architecture, after completing two hours you got four hours to present your design architecture to professionals.  

Price: For each exam, you’ll be charged $200.

  • CISSP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSIP-ISSAP)

To achieve the CISSP certification, one must have an experience of two years in at least one or more domains in the CBK (CISSP-ISSAP common body of knowledge).

The exam includes identity and access management architecture, infrastructure security, governance, security architecture modeling, application security, compliance, security operations architecture, and risk management.

Price: $699 for the exam and a $35 annual maintenance fee

So, these are the certifications that will help you to start your career in Enterprise architecture. The certification will help you to understand various career pathways that you can follow, and boost your career.

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