Internet Vs Intranet

Internet Vs Intranet-Similarities and Differences

The majority of the individuals tend to be muddled amid the words intranet and internet. Though you find loads of distinction amid them, one amid the distinctions can be that the internet tends to be open to everyone and may be accessed by every person while intranet needs confirmed login whenever an organisation privately acquires it.

The Internet

It happens to be a worldwide network that forges a connection and makes possible transmission amid varied computers. There is an end number of places where such transmission via an effective network is much required. It utilises both wireless and wired means of communication to convey and obtain information like video, data, audio etc. At this point, data passes via fibre optic cables that tend to be possessed by telephone companies.

At present times, every person utilises the internet for obtaining data, communication, and transmitting information over the network. It can be stated to be a public network utilising which PCs shall connect and put forth to each other. This offers a brilliant source of data to its users.

The Intranet

This happens to be a portion of the internet which is privately possessed by any organisation. This links the whole of the computers as one and proffers access to folders and files inside the network. This possesses a firewall enveloping the system to keep off the unauthorised user from gaining access to the network. Merely authorised users shall be permitted to get access to the network.

Furthermore, the intranet can be utilised for linking computers and passing on data, documents, and files inside a company. It makes a very safe route to share the particulars, folders, and materials since the network tends to be incredibly secured and confined inside the company. It carries out different services like data storage, search, email etc.

Distinction amid two

The chief difference between the internet and intranet are given below.

The internet offers limitless data that may be seen by every person while information travels inside the company in the intranet.

The internet offers access to every person while intranet makes it easy to validate users only.

The internet tends not to be possessed by any person or any company, while intranet forms a private network that is possessed by an institution or any company.

The internet can be availed by all while; intranet happens to be confined.

The intranet tends to be extremely safe as opposed to the internet. 

Similarities amid two

The intranet and the internet may be accessed utilising any browser.

Both utilise internet protocols meant for passing on data.

These two can be utilised to share data with the users through the network.


Therefore, in the end, both the intranet and the internet possess several comparable and unlike aspects. The internet forms an assortment of a variety of WAN, LAN, and MAN while intranet principally happens to be WAN, LAN, and MAN. The intranet forms safe one in comparison to the internet because its user login continually updates on the intervallic basis and it is always limited to a company.

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