Top 10 WordPress Tips

Top 10 WordPress Tips Every Webmaster Needs to Know

WordPress Tips to boost website traffic and gain maximum profit is the need of every website owner. Having a WordPress website makes it far easier and quicker to achieve the same.

As you might know, WordPress is a popular CMS as it powers 35% of the internet in 2020 showing exponential growth when compared to the previous years. So, what the reason behind such widespread acceptance?

You will be able to answer this only when you experience it firsthand. WordPress is a lot easy to use and simple to navigate when compared to its competitors. Even users with no prior technical experience can master it within weeks and start creating anonymous content.

While it’s not the case for every other person, some may get overwhelmed at the very beginning due to the various customization options WordPress offers. In order to set yourself apart, you need to know some tricks and tips.

It would be really helpful if you are a beginner and have just jumped on the bandwagon. In this article, we have listed the Top 10 WordPress Tips that Every Webmaster Needs to Know for a successful WordPress website.

Top 10 WordPress Tips Every Webmaster Needs to Know

1. Choose the Hosting Wisely

Hosting makes an integral part of your website. It is where the critical website files are stored and data being transferred on and off. So, choosing a good hosting provides becomes a necessity.

While choosing the hosting provider you must keep the following factors in mind:

  • Initial Traffic Expected
  • Resources Needed
  • Security the topmost priority
  • Quality of Service with Less Downtime
  • Fits your budget

2. Premium Themes are the need of the Hour

Premium Themes are important to make the eyeballs roll. Having a High-Quality Responsive theme will be appreciated by the visitors than a traditional low-quality theme.

Premium Themes bring along a host of visual customization options that lure the visitors and make them stay on your website. Themes like Oshine are mobile responsive and also come with a Page Builder for making custom pages.

10 WordPress Tips Every Webmaster Needs to Know

With Oshine WordPress Theme also have the option to try 51 Demos and use it as per your need. It’s features include:

  • High-Quality Responsive Design
  • One-click Installer
  • Best Customer Support
  • Blazing Fast Page Loading Speeds
  • Regular Updates with Bug Fixes
  • Superior Performance
  • GDPR Compliant Designs
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • WPML Compatible

3. Website Security should not be Neglected

Remember, Time and again it has been proven that Security is never to be taken for granted.

Your WordPress website needs to be protected from evil eyes in this case hackers and attackers. There are numerous attacks being carried out on websites that are popular or have decent web traffic.

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Anytime you can find your site to be under attack. And in that case, if you have the required mechanisms in place that attacked can be contained to a far small space and save you from the wrath of an unresponsive hacked site.

You must use security plugins like Hide My WP Lite to prevent your WordPress from uninvited visitors.

4. Don’t miss WordPress Updates tends to roll out frequent Security Updates and bug fixes to the WordPress core.

You need to be quick to execute and install them asap. These updates are really important for your website’s health and visitor security. Timely updates can help prevent major security attacks.

You just need to open your WordPress dashboard and check regularly for new versions of themes, plugins, and WordPress versions. Also, don’t forget to take frequent backups of your site data before updating for any last-minute surprises.

5. SEO is Crucial

Search Engine Optimization is vital for a website’s success. You need to optimize your website for better search rankings and better visibility.

You can make use of a WordPress SEO Plugin to get things going. Plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math provide you with an in-depth analysis of how to improve the site’s content to better search visibility.

Also, they can help analyze keywords, backlinks, and provide further recommendations. Make sure you have quality content to rank pages and posts of your site.

6. Use Google Analytics Tool for Accurate Results

What better than Google suggesting an in-depth analysis of your website [Live]. Google’s Analytics Tool can accurately measure your site’s performance and track user behavior.

Basically, it helps you to improve on the performance of the site and suggests specific improvements for better usability.

It also helps you in improving site speeds and remove unwanted CSS codes which indirectly slows down your website. So, after implementing the suggestions and fine-tuning the performance you can expect a better user experience.

7. Monitor User Comments

Comment Box is the most notorious place on your website. This is where XSS Type attacks gain momentum and can deface your site.

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You should use plugins that help in managing and moderating user comments and flag the most suspicious comments with links and attachments.

Also, some comments may spread hatred and circulate rumors about your service to the online community and damage your reputation. So, it becomes utterly important to moderate user comments for their authenticity.

You can even disable user comments on Pages or Posts for security purposes.

8. Content is the King

As they say, Content is the King! High Quality and Keyword Rich content can take your WordPress website to new heights and earn you a good amount of web traffic.

Accurate and informative content is loved by everyone. However, you should not dilute the user interests by laying unwanted ad banners within or around the most quality content.

This sends wrong signals and hampers user trust in your site. Your aim must be to offer a distraction-free user interface with minimal or no advertisements.

9. Image Compression goes a Long Way

Optimizing images is equally important as you optimize your website. Images too need to be optimized and compressed for observing faster page loading speeds.

By Compressing Images with plugins you tend to make them lighter than less space on the server and loads faster. Faster websites are preferred over slow websites with ever-loading images.

You can make use of free Image Compression Tools found on the internet to compress and later upload the compressed images on your WordPress website.

10. Engage Visitors with Exciting Quizzes

One way of improving web traffic and retaining them for longer is by adding Quizzes for users to interact.

Offering Quizzes on your website is the best of reducing bounce back rates and building user engagement. Once users enter your website you can offer multiple Quizzes based on your website’s niche or any random funny quizzes.

WordPress plugins like Quiz and Survey Master is the perfect match for this.

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Final Thoughts

These were some of the WordPress Tips Every Webmaster Needs to Know for a successful website. These tips will definitely work if you sincerely make an effort towards offering better services.

If your website’s theme gets noticed by the user you can expect him to spend more time on your website. So, having a better Responsive WordPress Theme is equally important.

You must definitely checkout Oshine WordPress Theme and make your website look professional and stunningly beautiful. Oshine Theme is a tried and tested WordPress theme with over 26000+ users and is being used as their default WordPress Theme.

Visit Oshine Theme WordPress Website Buy Oshine Theme

These were some of the WordPress Tips that once implemented assures your WordPress website of addressing maximum user interaction.

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