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Lead Capture Quiz and Survey Strategies That Work in 2020

Lead Generation or Lead Capture with the help of Quiz and Surveys is the most neglected by many businesses. It is one of the best ways that allow people to get connected with your products and services for the very first time.

There are countless lead generation strategies that modern businesses rely on. Most popular is with the help of influencers, chatbots, and landing pages. They help to generate leads but are not that effective when compared to the traditional way of using Quizzes and Services.

Quizzes and surveys will be a great way of attracting new customers. As they can be customized as per your needs and can be easily clubbed to your website making it totally useful and a relevant way of generating

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Using Quizzes and Surveys is the simplest and cost-effective way of generating leads and growing business. In this article, we have put forward some really interesting strategies that you should consider that will help grow your business and lead generation.

Strategy 1: Providing an Attractive Offer

Enticing your leads with an offer that compels them to sincerely take the survey is one of the best strategies of lead generation with the use of Surveys.

The challenge with Quizzes and Surveys is that they tend to make the audience invest their time and effort in order to yield the best results. Now, most of your loyal customers would happily be willing to answer a few questions.

But when it comes to prospects, it’s hard to convince them in the first place. This is where you can offer some rewards in order to get the work done. These rewards can be in the form of discounts, vouchers or you can even make it like a Quiz Competition and reward the one who gathers the maximum scores.

Strategy 2: Personalize your Quizzes

Personalization is important and plays a big role in a lead generation strategy.

Not all prospects and customers are the same. They all have different interests and preferences which can be easily used to your advantage.

To make personalized quizzes and surveys first you need to do proper market research and know about the user’s interests and preferences.

For Example, you plan to create a personality quiz by creating a “What Marvel Cast you resemble?” quiz, well this may surely confuse those who are unaware of the very popular Marvel Series and have never watched or heard of it. Making them uneasy to answer the quiz.

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So, with thorough market research, you can be assured that the surveys and quizzes are distributed among the right people, indirectly increasing lead generation and higher conversion.

Strategy 3: Finding the Right Platforms for sharing the Quizzes and Surveys

One of the important lead generation strategy is to market the Quizzes and Surveys right. Posting your Quizzes and Surveys on business websites won’t get you enough attachment that you can receive by posting it on social platforms.

Basically, with the help of social media, you can reach a large number of people. It is where you can share the lead quizzes and surveys and expect a positive response. People also have the option of sharing which can be viewed with their friends and make it popular in no time.

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram have incredible targetting features that can be useful to distribute the quizzes and surveys to the right audience for effective responses.

Strategy 4: Presentation is the Key

You tend to higher click through rates on your quizzes and surveys when you invest some time in making visually attractive and appealing Quizzes and Surveys.

Do not forget to spice it up with the help of High-Quality Images, Funny GIFs, or even short videos. This will keep the people engaged and trigger interest in your business and offered services.

Also do not bore the responders with long and complex surveys, this will compel them to provide incorrect answers or abandon the survey midway.

Strategy 5: Make the Results Sharable

Whenever the user completes his/her surveys they must have the option to share the results on social media.

This has many benefits, it will expand your reach and attract more survey takes, and generate interests. People are going to notice your business and will definitely visit your website or search on social platforms to gather more information.

You need to pay extra attention while creating a quiz so as to not make the responders feel cheated or dissatisfied with their results. They should end up with positive results and offer them praise and positive wishes.

Final Verdict

Quizzes and Surveys play a crucial role in Lead Generation and come with many benefits. They are easy to set up and don’t take much effort in customizing and choosing relevant Question Types.

Lead Capture Quiz & Survey Strategies That Work in 2020 [Lead Generation]

One such great Quiz and Survey Maker tool is the Quiz and Survey Master WordPress Plugin. Quiz and Survey Master is a popular plugin of WordPress that can be used to create engaging Quizzes and Surveys to generate maximum leads and boost sales for free.

Yes, it is a Free to Use WordPress Survey Plugin that is easy to use and comes with an unlimited number of Quizzes and Survey creation and also no cap on the number of respondents.

It is a highly customizable WordPress Survey Plugin that comes with 100+ customization options and 15+ Types of Questions. It also has a built-in form generation tool that can be used to create Contact forms to capture user details and use it to run email marketing campaigns.

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You can also let the user share the Quiz or Survey results to many social platforms to extend reach. Users can also download personalized certificates if they score the highest in the Quiz. This can be achieved with the help of Free and Paid Advanced Addons to add extra functionality to your Quizzes and Surveys.

So, all in all, Quiz and Survey Master can help you generate leads and boost conversion rates.

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