Secure Above 90% Marks In The Board Examination

Tips To Secure Above 90% Marks In The Board Examination

The most common question every student appearing for the 10th or 12th board exam has is how to score more than 90% marks in the board examinations. Though the answer is also known to all that students have to work hard and put all their efforts while preparing for the board exams, yet smart study is needed for the students to top the exams. There are several tips and strategies that can help students to cover their syllabus effectively and secure above 90 percent of marks in their 10th and 12th board exams.

Generally, every good student has a tendency to score more than the previous exams and to work harder with the exam strategies. It is very crucial for your future to achieve more than 90% in the board exams of 10th and 12th standards. To be precise, students have to work hard the whole year and not just the days before exams, to score more than 90 percent in the board exams. It is always the hard work that comes first but you have to know what to learn. Focussing more on the topics that have a greater weightage and devising proper strategies in the exam preparation can help you to fetch good marks. Now let us take a look at the strategies that are important for the preparation of the board examinations.

Set daily targets

Create schedules and routines for each subject and motivate yourself regularly to achieve those targets on time. Solve the mock test papers within the given time limit. It is likely that you wouldn’t be able to complete the tests on time at first, but gradually you will increase your speed and you’ll be able to complete the full paper on time. Always have a mindset to do better on your school tests and practice tests than the previous tests in which you appeared. For this, you will need a lot of concentration and focus. To better in the exam and have a conceptual idea of every chapter, follow the NCERT books.

Cover the whole textbook

It is important for students to cover the topics given in their NCERT textbooks first, when they prepare for their board exams. Yes, they will definitely get to know every information related to the topics covered in their syllabus by going through their textbooks, as these textbooks by NCERT comprise topics as per the latest CBSE syllabus. The textbooks have the divisions of the chapters done so correctly that the students do not need to follow any other books.

If any student learns and practices the topics covered in his syllabus from the NCERT study materials and books and revises them from first to end, no one can stop him or her from scoring above 90 percent marks. Reference books can be useful for you when you’re opting for college exams or any kind of competitive exams but for board exams, you should only go through the textbook thoroughly.

Identify your mistakes and correct them

Identifying your own mistakes is one of the most challenging tasks. Take practice tests at your home where you have to complete the test in a limited time and the important questions will not be previously known to you. Finish the exam in time and correct your answer paper and mark yourself for the answers, honestly.

How will you check? Refer to the NCERT textbooks or the notes that your school teacher has helped you to prepare. Now make sure that your answers in the answer sheet comprise the same information as given in the books and your notes. If the answer matches then you should give yourself full marks and if it doesn’t then you should again concentrate and memorize the correct answers.

Try to improve your handwriting and check spellings 

Students fight for two or three marks to reach the top of the rank board. You have to take care of certain things, which is essential apart from your memorizing skills and writing skills. At times, there are spelling mistakes and other silly mistakes that cause you to lose marks in the examination. Check the spellings when you write. Try to memorize the difficult spellings by practicing them on a piece of paper over and over again, at your home. Mistakes in grammar and sentence construction are also a hindrance where students generally lose a lot of marks.

Another section in which students should deeply focus on is the tidiness of the answer sheet. There should be proper margins on the sides of the answer sheets and you should not write over the margins. Also, you need to make sure that you have legible handwriting. If you have terrible handwriting then in spite of writing the correct answers you may get your marks deducted by the teachers, when they fail to read all that you have written. Practice the handwriting more often if you get free time.

Get your hands on the previous year’s question papers

The previous year’s question papers act as a reference to the students and they can get a fair idea of the format of the question paper. Try your hands on the previous year’s question papers instead of wasting your time on the reference books. Solving the previous years’ question papers can help you to get a rank. Also, try to solve the last ten years’ question papers to understand the topics that are commonly repeated in the exam. You can avail of the solved last 10 years’ question papers of 10th and 12th board exams, on the leading e-learning mobile apps like Vedantu. Go through the chapters thoroughly and then solve the question papers one after the other to get an exam-like environment and feel.

If you wish to score more than 90% in your board examinations, you have to study for roughly 10 hours per day throughout the year. Stay focussed and don’t get diverted in reaching your destination.

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