Buying a Second-Hand Car

Things to Do After Buying a Second-Hand Car or Bike

It is a common practice to buy used cars and bikes before the person moves on to getting their own. After learning to drive a car, people often buy a second-hand car before buying a new one. It is done to ensure that they get comfortable driving the vehicle. A new car is an important investment. Getting it without proper experience would mean risk for the driver.

It is a good decision to get familiar with state taxes, registration, inspection and insurance fee to predict the overall budget cost. If you have purchased a used car, there are a few things which you need to make sure.

Also, buy car insurance or bike insurance for whatever vehicle you are getting. A crucial part of safety is also getting a mandatory motor insurance cover.  

Title Transfer and registration

Driving a car without title transfer and registration won’t be legal. The first thing you need to initiate even before getting the vehicle outside your doorstep is to transfer the car or bike at your name. Getting this from a dealer will solve the hassle of the paperwork. They will also take some fee.

Minor issues 

There can be some fundamental issues with an old vehicle. Before the purchase, one must check the vehicle thoroughly and only after inspection should decide a price. After this, one should work on the issues. Repair the light, polish the trim. The best way is to give the vehicle to car service and ask them to mend all the things.

Call a Mechanic

Though you may have excellent knowledge about any vehicle, the mechanic is the person for the job. Call a mechanic whom you trust and ask them to check the vehicle before you decide the price. Eventually, the same mechanic is going to fix it. This inspection is necessary as a mechanic will let you know about any permanent damages.


When getting a new vehicle filling the fluid oil to the brink is the first step. You will rarely get an old vehicle that is perfectly well. The person could be selling it for many reasons. One of the commonly seen things is that many of these vehicles haven’t been started for more than six months. It leads to fluid draining. Refilling the fluid will make sure that the engine runs without any wear and tear.

Filters and Brakes

These are the crucial parts of a vehicle which may require replacement or repair depending on the condition. Brake is a vital safety component. Checking them will make sure that you are driving a completely safe vehicle. Even if the filters look good, changing them is the best option to get the feel of a new vehicle. You must replace transmission, fuel and air filters.


Tires are important for grip on the road. While they may look decent, a cross-examination from mechanic may result otherwise. If there is even the slightest doubt about the working of the tiers, replace them. Renew bike insurance or car insurance for your vehicle and make sure that you are safe while driving on the road.

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