Food Packaging Guide

Food Packaging Guide: Best Types of Packaging to Use for Food Products

If you’re a member of the food product industry, the best type of packaging for your product is probably high on your list of priorities. Whether you produce coffee, tea, snacks or frozen food, there’s a wide range of packaging options for you to consider, including the innovative child proof bags manufacturers create. To give you some ideas of what’s possible, here’s a sampling of four food products and the best type of packaging for each.

  1. Snacks

From peanuts, popcorn and pretzels to nuts and trail mixes, snack food products are incredibly varied. They have one thing in common, however: They need to be delicious and fresh for the consumer. That’s where custom packaging is important. Flexible packaging manufacturers give you options such as stand-up and lay-flat pouches as well as roll stock for your products. Customizable features can include durable puncture-resistant packaging, resealable zippers, display hang holes and high-resolution images and text. With choices such as these, you can create the best possible packaging for your unique food product.

  1. Coffee

Your specialty ground coffee or coffee bean product deserves the packaging that keeps it fresh, protected and delicious from farm to cup! Flexible packaging such as stand-up pouches are a great choice, particularly those with high-barrier films that lock in aromas and keep out moisture and oxygen. Resealable, press-to-close zippers and degassing valves are other value-added features to consider. Another important aspect of coffee packaging is the branding and design. The on-shelf coffee competition is stiff these days. With the incredible digital printing options for custom packaging, you can make sure your product stands out with high-definition images and eye-catching colors.

  1. Cheese and Dairy

Whether you specialize in string or shredded cheese, yoghurt, butter, or non-dairy products, custom cheese and dairy packaging is your ticket to success. Custom packaging, including custom Mylar bags, offers high-vapor barrier pouch materials that lock in product aromas and freshness. Stand-up and lay-flat pouches can incorporate features such as clouded or transparent windows, resealable zippers, display hang holes and a variety of finishes. Making your product stand out in the dairy aisle is easier than ever, thanks to the marketing and design possibilities that digital printing offers you.

  1. Frozen Food

Protection is vital when it comes to the packaging, transit and display of frozen foods. For this reason, some of the best types of packaging are those that include barriers and films that protect and preserve their contents. Stand-up and lay-flat pouches are a popular packaging choice due to their high package-to-product ratio. As with snacks and cheese and dairy packaging, frozen food pouches can feature the resealable zippers, tear notches, hang holes, and transparent and clouded windows that increase consumers’ enjoyment of your product.

Ready to find the best packaging for your unique food product? Contact custom packaging experts today. With years of experience and cutting-edge design and techniques, they can analyze your product’s needs, answer your questions, and help you decide on the best packaging for your product.

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