Cat Breed Guide for Your Home

The Ultimate Cat Breed Guide for Your Home

Adopting a cat can be a life-altering experience. Just like the changes you may need to make in your house to make it a pet-friendly, your four-legged find would also have to adjust to the new environment. Of course, it isn’t an overnight process and could take a while where both you and your pet create that perfect space and balance for oneself and each other.

If you are out there scouting for a cat breed most suitable to your lifestyle and home environment, we have you covered here. Yes, a comprehensive cat breeds guide can help you choose a kitty easily. These tips can come in handy for all our feline lovers who wish to adopt a feline friend.

How to decide on a cat breed

Endearing as they are, you might just wish to adopt them all. However, we have categorized the breed into four distinct classifications. This will help you make a decision based on the characteristics you are scouting for in your furry buddy.

– The exclusive cat species

– Cat for the family; especially friendly with small kids

– Cat for seniors

– Cats that aren’t attention-seeking; befitting for busy owners.

It may pleasantly surprise you to know that there are over fifty cat breeds and none of them are the same. So, you have a wide range of options to pick from. Just make sure that your cat’s temperament and needs go hand-in-hand with your existing lifestyle as this will enhance the bond between you and your pet. 

The unique breed

While cats are majestic in their manner, some breeds are known for their exotic characteristics. An independent species of cat, the Egyptian Mau makes a special appearance on that last.

This breed is furry with a thick coat and can make good cuddle buddies. They are amicable and have attractive spots on their skin. If you are searching for a good-looking regal kitty, this one is just the right fit for any household.

If you are an experienced pet owner, you can also choose the Bengal breed. These feline buddies look royal, are quite active, and love their space. For owners who are ready for some fun with their pets, the Sphynx breed can keep you entertained with their curious attitude. Learn more about how to care for this inquisitive kitty species at

The family friend 

If you are looking for a feline companion that’s affectionate, endearing as well as friendly with any family member around the house, you can adopt the Briman breed. This kitty can gel with most family members while enjoying her quiet time and space as well.

You must have heard that some pets aren’t too friendly with younger children. Well, that goes with certain cat breeds as well.

If you have kids in the house, consider adopting a Ragdoll as it is quite a tolerant breed. They love playing hide and seek and your children are surely going to get a company. Not a furry breed though, Ragdolls are less demanding with comes to maintenance; thanks to their no-so furry coat.

The Manx is also a social breed and quite an adorable lot.

The brave lot 

Did you say you want a feline friend that isn’t coy? Well, the Burmese breed will give you a reason to feel the presence of both a dog and a cat. Wondering why we say so? Well, these cats are intelligent, and loyalty just comes naturally to them.

Russian Blue for the busy owner

For feline lovers who want to bring a pet home but keep busy, the Russian Blue cat breed could make the best fit. These kitties are quite active, flaunt a furry coat, and don’t require much grooming as well.

The gentle giant cat

If you are fond of big cats, Maine Coon can become your favorite. These four-legged companions have a pleasing personality. Also, if you have children at home, Maine Coons can become their good friends too. Hop over to this site to read why Maine Coons are loved by many.

For pet admirers who want to care for smaller kitties, the Munchkin can make a good choice. These cats have shorter legs and stand out as adorable little kitties. They weigh light and can be taken around anywhere you go.

Persian kitties make a good match for senior owners as they are low maintenance, calm and even-tempered. These cuddle kitties relay much warmth.

Hope with those details can make your search for the ideal kitty much simpler.

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