Las Vegas In A Day

Las Vegas In A Day

Are you preparing to spend a day in the City of Sin? Chances are you’re not going alone. You’re either going with a friend or group of friends, a family member, or a date. However, if you’re going alone, you’ll still do okay over there. Las Vegas is a place where there are various activities for every party size. In this article, we’ll be giving you the best guide on how to have the most fun in Vegas in a day- regardless of your party size.

Vegas Daytime Shows

With just a day to spend in Vegas, you have to make the most of every hour. Luckily daytime in Vegas is not as rowdy as its nightlife. And there are various shows to pick from. Magic shows, comedy shows, lounge events, and so many other options to pick from.

Macking Show

This show has been running as far back as 2005 at the Harrahs. The host, MacKing, combines both comedy and magic to deliver a witty performance in the space of 90 minutes. This show is family-friendly and awesome for any age group.

Other shows you can consider include:

  • Paranormal mind-reading magic,
  • Murray the magician,
  • And many more.

Awesome Adventures in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is all about the thrill and the fun.

Here is a list of outstanding adventures you can partake in.

  • Fremont street experience,
  • Bike tours,
  • Hot-air balloon rides,
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area,
  • Roller-coaster rides,
  • And many more.

The presence of international travelers in Las Vegas all-year-round is not foreign. The city is the hub of the world’s entertainment industry. Celebrities, politicians, the middle-class, and other states from different countries come into Las Vegas anytime. The city of sin has one of the fastest traffic of tourists in the United States. There’s always something to do for everyone.

You might wonder what you need, that is, the documents you need to get a visa to visit Las Vegas. We’re here to put you through.

If you belong to a visa-waiver country, you’re in luck. The major document you need to process is your ESTA. Other countries exempted from this need to get a VISA at an American embassy close to them and some other documents to back it.

So, what is an esta visa? ‘Electronic System for Travel Authorization’ An ESTA is a simple and convenient permit for tourists to obtain permission to visit the country, either through air or sea. ESTA permit is credible for a year or two before another renewal. Although this permit does not give room for you to work, you can still go for interviews and the likes.

ESTA application for US citizens is not needed. It is meant for non-citizens with one or two things to do in the country, for example, business purposes or tourism purposes. You can apply for your biometric data to be taken in preparation for a permit on the esta application us website. This permit’s main purpose is to enable the Department of Homeland Security to pre-screen you before you arrive in the country. It is important to note that US customs can still deny you entry into American soil.

We’d love to state that visiting Vegas in January, April, and September is more subsidized than visiting at any other month of the year.

Fun Group Activities in Las Vegas

To have the most fun on your trip, we recommend you go in a group. This way, expenses can be split, and companionship is guaranteed.

Some fun things you can do as a group include:

Gambling: This can be done at the different casinos all over the city, for example, the Bellagio Casino. One thing Vegas is acclaimed for is its gambling vice.

Games: The highly reviewed Escape Vegas is the right place to start. Others include amusement park games, gun ranges, and paintball games.

  • Food tours
  • Museum tours
  • Racing
  • Scavenger hunts
  • And many more.

Best time to go to Vegas to Party

Vegas nightlife is pretty rowdy, but the most fun is had at this time. Various parties and concerts to attend, clubs and bars to visit. You can never go wrong at night in Vegas. But, the nightlife in Vegas is expensive, though you could find some relatively inexpensive spots. Weekends are the best times to party, especially weekends in March.  The party begins anytime from 7 pm till dawn. Although, we’d rather say every hour in Vegas is party time. Drinks and party favors are always available at most parties in Vegas.

In conclusion

Every item listed in this article offers you value for your money. Take in the city for all it has and never get left out on your trip. You can’t go bad by visiting any of them. Remember… What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So enjoy your day and have the most fun!

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