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How To Know When To Call A Drain Cleaner

It’s easy to ignore the signs of clogging in your kitchen or bathroom sink. Slow draining water may not seem such a big deal, but may eventually culminate into a major plumbing problem. To keep your home healthy, you need to find a sewer drain cleaning plumber when you notice any slight changes. A professional cleaner can prevent those problems from escalating and save you money in the long run.

Here are some signs that show you need to call a professional drain cleaner:

  1. Foul Odor

If you’ve noticed a nasty smell in your home even after trying to clean everywhere in the house, you may be cleaning the wrong places. Your drain could be the source of your problem. Though drains may sometimes seem functional, food and sewage can still build up in the pipes. Organic matter, soap scum, and hair may cause a foul smell.

When these items get stuck in pipes, bacteria begin to eat them. That’s what causes the odor that comes from the drains. No one would wish to shower in a bathroom smelling like a fetid swamp. That’s why you need to call a drain cleaner to eliminate the stuck elements from the pipe and get rid of the odor. Fortunately, most of them have special equipment to reach every corner of the drain pipes.

  1. Standing Water

Does your washing machine or sink have water that can’t drain? That can be disgusting and annoying. Worse still, if your bathroom is clogged, showering can be an unpleasant experience because the dirty water will be moving up over your ankles. Stagnant water is a sign of blockage somewhere in your drainage pipe. Several things may cause blockage, ranging from food particles, hair, clothes, or gunk. Cleaning your pipes can be the only way to unblock the drains and let the water freely move out of your home. When your sinks or bathrooms are in these conditions, call for professional help.

  1. Slow Moving Water

One of the first signs of a flawed drainage system is slow-moving water. This may be a nuisance because you may have to cut your shower short every time the water piles up in the bathroom to allow it to drain and may waste your time and money. If you don’t clean the slow-moving drain, it may become bigger and cause other serious problems. It’s advisable to take care of the problem as soon as you notice it to save time and money.

  1. Frequent Clogs

If your bathroom or sink keeps on clogging no matter how many times you try to unclog it, it’s a sign that a more serious blockage is brewing somewhere in the drain pipes. Residues take time to build up inside pipes. The more they’re added, the more they pile up. Cleaning them on your own may eliminate some of them, but some tough ones will remain. That’s why you need to contact drain cleaners to help you sort out the issue.

  1. Gaggling Sounds

Odd sounds emanating from your sink may be potential signs of a drainage problem. Interestingly, your sink may produce these sounds while seeming to function correctly. When clogs start to form in the pipe, they create bubbles as water goes over them. It’s those bubbles that cause the gaggling sounds. When they’re cleaned properly, these sounds disappear.

  1. Fruit Flies

If you’ve never had fruit flies in your home, but for some reason, they appear overnight, it may be a sign of a bad drain. However, before making this confirmation, ensure you have cleaned any food particles on your kitchen counters as best as you can. If they still don’t go away, then you’re right.

Some people don’t know that fruit flies like food that’s stuck in drainage pipes. As the food builds up, they’ll realize and move to that place. You need professionals to clean any food traces in your drains to eliminate the fruit flies from your kitchen. Once the food particles are gone, the flies won’t also have an option but to move to their next destination.

  1. Overflowing Toilets

If your toilet is overflowing because your kid flashed his favorite toy, it’s easy to know the cause. However, if there’s no clear explanation for its overflowing, it could be due to inferior drainage lines. Toilet paper and waste can block sewage drains. Therefore, if your toilet keeps overflowing, it may mean there’s a clog that’s preventing it from emptying properly. Most homeowners find it disgusting to look for the drainage problem in the lines themselves. That’s why they hire professionals to find the location and clear it.

  1. Water Backup

Nobody longs to walk into his laundry or bathroom to find a pool of foul-smelling or dirty water. Water backups may be difficult to clean and expensive to repair. They’re brought by drain lines that are completely blocked, leaving the water with no option but overflowing back into your house. Apart from the smell it emits, this water may damage your floors, walls, and doors. If you experience this in your home, you need to quickly call a professional before causing significant damage to your property.

  1. Multiple Blocked Drains

If your toilet, sinks, and bathtubs don’t drain well at the same time, that’s a sign of a severe problem in your pipe. This may be caused because of a clog on the main sewer line or main drainage line. Finding it on your own isn’t easy. Besides that, sitting and waiting for the situation to become better may not help you either because the situation may only grow worse. To avoid the risk of having water overflowing over your sinks and bathtubs, you need to find a professional who can immediately help with drainage.

  1. Using Many Bottles Of Drain Cleaner

When you have a drainage problem in your house, whether at the sink, bathtub, or toilet, a drain cleaner bottle can help solve the problem. However, if you’ve used more than one bottle and the drains aren’t moving, or they’re responding slowly, don’t pour other bottles. That may only make you use more money in vain. If the drains can’t move after you’ve used the drain cleaner, your pipes have a problem. It could be because of a tough clog that the drain cleaner can’t dissolve or a problem with your pipe’s structure. A drain cleaning professional can help you clear out this mess.

Reasons Why You Need To Clean Your Drains

  1. To Improve Your Family’s Health

Clogged drains can promote the growth of mold and bacteria. Most types of bacteria thrive in stagnant and dirty water. These may cause illnesses and infections to your family when they get exposed to them. Some molds may even cause acute breathing problems. Therefore, when you keep your drains free, you’ll not have to worry about your family’s health.

  1. To Save Money

Some people don’t get their drains cleaned because they think they’re saving money. They don’t realize that the harm that stagnant water can cause them is more expensive than simply calling a plumber to drain the water. Besides, most plumbers don’t charge high rates for eliminating clogs in your pipes unless it’s deep under the ground where they need an earthmover. If you leave your drains unattended, they may damage your pipes, making you incur more costs for replacement.

  1. To Keep Your Pipes In Good Condition

The build-up of grease, chemicals, and other materials may corrode your pipes and lead to leakages. Leakages may be a nightmare. Luckily, it takes time for the chemicals to break down the pipes. That means if you keep materials from building up in your pipe, they won’t rust them. An adequately maintained pipeline can last for years without being replaced.

The Bottom-line

It’s vital to call in a professional when you have drainage problems if you want to live a comfortable life in your home. Water problems may cause a lot of damages to your floors, sinks, doors, and bathtubs. Therefore, if you notice any of these signs, contact a professional to check them out.

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