Modular Kitchen

Finishes for Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens have been around for a while now. They make our lives easier. The storage units and cabinets in a modular kitchen sort of become the determining factors of a kitchen being efficient. The more efficient the cabinets, better the kitchen.

In a market where there are plenty of materials available at various costs, finishes and colours; it is important to choose the right material for your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets can make or break your kitchen. Materials can be chosen depending on the kind of aesthetic and feel that one wishes to display. These cabinets could create illusions in the kitchen to make your kitchen look a certain way. Here are a few materials that are most commonly used and easily available in the market:

Laminate: Laminates are one of the most popular materials used by people. Laminates are a composite, artificial material. These are made by pressing together layers of paper and plastic resins. These are available in various patterns, colours and finishes. Some of the most common finishes are matt and glossy finish. Laminates can be used over plywood as well as MDF. Their thickness varies from 0.6 millimetres to 1.5 millimetres. Laminates are available in a wide price range to provide options for every budget.

PU: PU stands for polyurethane paint. Also known as lacquer finish, this is a type of paint that is used to as a finish on surfaces such as shutters of cabinets and drawers. Despite being paints these are odourless, quick drying and easy to maintain. These paints generally have a highly glossy finish and maintain the gloss for a very long time. PU provides a seamless finish at the edges of cabinets. Nowadays PU paints are available is finishes such as matt and satin as well.

Acrylic:  Acrylic is yet another very popular kitchen finish. Acrylics have a high gloss value. Although, easy to clean they need to maintained and cared for a lot in order to maintain the glossy finish of the surface. They are scratch-resistant, do not tarnish or fade. Acrylics have a long life, if maintained well. Acrylics are more expensive than laminates. They are available in a wide range of vibrant colours.

Glass Finish: Glass shutters add elegance and class to the kitchen while making it look clean and tidy. These glasses are toughened glasses which make them safe for using in the kitchen. They are easy to maintain and clean but this needs to be done often to maintain them. Glass shutters are available in finishes such as- plain, frosted, textures, seeded and leaded. The type of glass can be chosen according to the privacy of cabinet and texture that is desired. Plain glass completely displays the contents of the cabinet while the others hide it to a certain degree depending on the finish chosen.

Veneers: Veneer is top layer of wood that is stuck on a surface to provide a wood-like look. Veneers make the modular kitchen cabinets look more authentic and rustic. These sheets of wood are usually stuck on MDFs and HDFs with some adhesives. Polishes are used over this to lock it in and ring out the grain of the wood. Since these are natural they only come in a few shades. They are more difficult to maintain than other materials. They are not as durable as laminates and prone to scratching.

Membrane: Membranes are thin Polyvinyl chloride PVC foil sheets which act like stickers on cabinets. They are generally used over MDF or HDF boards. Since they are thin sheets, they help give cabinets a seamless finish. They are available in a limited number of colours and textures. These require regular cleaning. They are not heat–resistant hence; need to be reapplied in a few years.

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