How can I compare two files online?

How to Compare Documents Online?

Using others’ ideas in your writing results in plagiarism. Generally, students commit plagiarism while writing a research or academic paper, either knowingly or unknowingly.  Plagiarizing while writing is a breach of academic integrity and educational institutions deal strongly with it. You can avoid such a situation by using compare documents tool, which helps detect the similarity by comparing the text.

Similarly, plagiarism in business writing can damage your company’s reputation and business. Content with similar ideas and words and phrases, if published unintentionally is copyright infringement. A plagiarism checker can help you check your written text with a wide range of sources available on the Internet. After the scan, it gives you a detailed report of the similarity matches and the list of sources, which can be used to compare the text. With a compare tool, you can compare your document or webpage content with another document or content.

How Does Comparing Docs Help?

The Text Compare tool facilitates easy comparison of documents by giving you an option to choose a URL or text file. The compare word documents tool window also offers you a facility to copy-paste the text you want to compare for similarities. The text compare tool supports any types of text files such as doc, Docx, txt, HTML, pdf, ppt, odt, etc., to help easy and quick comparison. In addition, it also enables you to upload your file from One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

The multi-purpose tool offers not only a text compare option but also a plagiarism checking option to check duplicate content and other types of plagiarism. The diff checkerfurtherassists you in identifying the similarities and rectifying them. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology helps give high-quality results of rephrased texts and similarities, while the duplicate file finder tool helps gauge the difference between the texts of similar content.

The new compare documents tool is supported by multiple platforms to facilitate direct comparison of the Google docs. Moreover, it also supports the comparison of texts containing Asian characters. This enables you to extend the scope of this tool to compare texts from other languages.

Step-by-Step Guide to Compare Docs Online

Here are your steps to compare two-word documents for plagiarism:

  • The compare tool requires you to upload the documents for comparison. As the first step, you need to upload ‘File 1’, and then, the ‘File 2’, which is the updated or new file.
  • Next, you need to click on the ‘compare’ button. The tool compares one file with the other by having both the files side by side. It allows you to observe the comparison. You can see the words and phrases, as well as sentences highlighted in red in the ‘File 1’ for copying from the new file. As for the inserted parts, they are highlighted in green. You get an impressive result of comparison through the deletions and insertions of the text after the comparison.
  • The synchronization of two files helps you scroll them side-by-side at different speeds. This helps make the necessary changes at a pace required. The tool gives you the option to disable the scrolling of files in synchronization in case you find it difficult to run the files together.
  • The uploaded documents are effectively differentiated through text highlight to help the user.
  • Those portions of the text that are deleted, as well as newly inserted portions, are highlighted in different colors for better understanding.

The Significance of Online Tools

With the latest online tools, you can compare documents and at the same time, check the text for plagiarism. They are available in free versions or paid versions to help any type of user. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, a plagiarism checker offers you accurate results within seconds.

The API integrated software facilitates the comparison of multiple pages from a range of databases and in different file formats. Moreover, the online plagiarism detector is easily accessible from any device like a mobile phone through an app. This enables students to upload files instantly, compare documents, check for any duplicate content, and receive a comprehensive report. The online tools have thus simplified the plagiarism checking process in every way possible.

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