Buying a Good Microwave

Five Keys to Buying a Good Microwave

Defrost a loaf of bread, heat the food that was left over at noon, put the last touch on a prepared dish or have some popcorn ready in a few minutes … These are some of the many uses that one of the most widely used appliances in our home: the microwave. In this sense, if the reader plans to purchase a new device, then we summarize some criteria to take into account.

Calculate your budget

The device that suits us best is not always the most expensive; However, this also does not mean that we can trust the cheapest. On the one hand, we find a very wide price range (between 50 and 300 euros), directly related to the number of functions, which should lead us to ask the following question: What do we want to use this appliance for? On the other hand, there are brands that combine quality and very competitive costs: this is the case of LG’s microwaves.

Learn about the different devices and their functions

When reviewing the benefits and qualities of the different devices, we come up with a basic classification. Thus, first of all, we located the microwaves without grill, for sale from 50 euros and that are intended for the simple tasks of defrosting and heating. The directly superior appliance would be the one that incorporates the grill: a function designed for browning, cooking and roasting various dishes and that, yes, raises the cost to approximately 150 or 200 euros. These last devices are the most recommended and, among them, manufacturers such as LG stand out .

Choose the ideal size

The capacity of a microwave oven is counted in liters (usually between 17 and 40) and usually has the following dimensions: 45 cm wide x 34 cm high x 26 cm deep. In this way, we will measure the space available to our kitchen before deciding on one device or another. Also, we will anticipate the type of food that we will heat or cook, in order to establish both a minimum height for the interior and a diameter for the turntable.

How much power do you need?

We often believe that the right thing to do is to go for the higher power microwave. However, in general, it is enough for our device to exceed 1,000 watts. Beyond this characteristic, another factor to consider is energy efficiency: that is, how respectful the appliance is with the environment. In this regard, the European Union has established labeling by letters: from G (lowest efficiency) to A (highest efficiency).

 Microwave oven: the advantages of a microwave with the finish of a convection oven

In a higher range CompuKitchen’s roundup find microwave ovens, also called convection. The first thing that stands out is the higher price, but it is an investment that responds to the greater benefits that they offer us in the long term.

Microwave ovens work as a dual-function appliance: to the advantages of the traditional microwave are added all the possibilities of the convection oven. That is, in addition to heating, they allow us to cook with a real finish, like the one we would get in the oven.

These microwaves are also more powerful and feature a range of functions and cooking modes designed for different foods and recipes. The dishes are baked by convection heat, it is more homogeneous and the finish more natural and tasty, with a golden and crisp exterior. The finish and texture has nothing to do with traditional microwave cooking.

Rate the additional features

Finally, we will take into account several extra utilities that our microwave model may or may not integrate. We refer, for example, to the type of interior lighting or to the different security systems (door lock, double lock, etc.). Likewise, we find various analog and digital timers (the latter allow a much more exact programming). Finally, we must not forget that a microwave with smooth interior walls will always be easier to clean.

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