Business Cards Etiquettes

6 Business Cards Etiquettes You Have Never Heard Of

When you watch your favorite TV Shows, have you ever wondered how the characters are so confident and how they always manage to exchange a high value contact card?

Here’s a secret: a study revealed that almost 88% of business cards get thrown away in the first week. Hence, if you want to make an impact, keep these in mind!

  1. You should never forget your business card at home or office.

What’s the point of having a business card and reading up on etiquettes on it if you keep on forgetting them? Hence, the first thing to learn would be to carry the business cards, at all times. This is one of the major drawbacks of physical business cards, and thus, a lot of the companies have shifted to digital business cards.

Still, if you are using business cards the traditional way, you can look at these hacks to never forget your business cards:

  • Keep it in your traveling bag and laptop bags, at all times and never forget to replenish them.
  • Always keep a batch of cards in your office desk.
  • Never mind keeping a stash of cards in your car’s glove compartment.

These are certain ways in which you can ensure that you never forget carrying your business cards around.

  1. You should have an appropriate style and the business card should be informative.

Tens of thousands of business cards are exchanged every day. Hence, before learning the etiquette of having a business card, you should know whether your business cards are relevant or not. How to design a business card, then?

Well, start by keeping the basics in mind – having the right information on the card and backing it up with a simple yet strong design. You can always play around with the colors, but make sure it is light and breezy.

  1. Only Pass on your business card when someone asks for it!

One important thing to remember is that you should never distribute your card like peanuts. It is a part of you. Hence, it is evidently important that you know when to pass on the same to someone.

If you have spoken to someone in an event or a networking dinner, only then, it can be polite to ask if you could exchange business cards, and then, you could pass your business card to that person. Never anticipate the fact that a conversation is equal to exchanging business cards, as the intention of the person may not be the same.

  1. You should know how to exchange a business card

Owning a business card is as important as knowing the way in which you can exchange the same. There has to be a right way, in which you should exchange the business card, and it has to be professional as the first impression is the last impression.

Always remember that you should have a firm handshake and the same should be accompanied by an exchange of cards, with your right hand or both of your hands, while you interact with the person, and you both have mutually decided to exchange cards.

  1. When you exchange a business card, it has to be presentable!

A lot of people end up handing their business cards, but they usually are not in the correct shape. So, do you think it looks at all professional or presentable? No, right! So, another important thing, which has to be on your mind is that the business cards are neat and presentable and that they look sleek and tidy.

Wrinkled Business Cards hampers your impression as a professional. You can stop this phenomenon from happening by keeping all your cards organized in a single holder, which keeps the cards neat and clean.

  1. Try not wasting your Business Cards.

Your business cards are your wealth when it comes to connecting with people, and you should never waste it just like that. If you think you have too many business cards, it does not give you the right to pass it to everyone. Always try exchanging cards with people, who are relevant to your cause and business and have the potential to invest in you or your business.

You will never hear of these 6 business cards etiquettes from anyone. So, memorize them by your heart and start working on them as this will help you become strong and presentable, and you will be able to leave an impression in every networking event and meeting, which you attend!

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