Economics exam and its study tips

Economics exam and its study tips

As a matter of fact, the study and exam time is the most daunting task that one has to face. From the non-stop chuckling of different options in the terms of economics honours colleges in Delhi to the final contribution to the syllabus. It is anything but a fun time to deal with the majority of the syllabus and working routine. However, if you have exams right around the corner then stop praying to God and get to study some. God might be able to save you but you need to work on your own as well.

Here are the tips to thrive the exam set up by the top colleges for economics honours in India.

  • When one has a week or so till their exam then they can have some time as per their schedule. It is important to study it very carefully to makes sure that no important point is missed out. It will help in working on a different aspect at once. You can outline the whole syllabus and then start to work your way through it. If possible that it is better to work on the different aspect at once or a single syllabus in the day.
  • The best thing is to make a time table that will cover up an important part of the exam. You can start by giving time to every chapter but not wasting it. Make sure to have a fixed time and work during that time only. Also, make sure that have a good night sleep at night. In order to do so, avoid studying at night as night sleep is an important factor that must be taken care of by everyone.
  • Health is another important part that one must cover. It is important for the students to work in a specific direction but if they are not healthy enough then they might end up in a bigger mess. They won’t be able to study or concentrate without health. So, one must take care of their eating habits and never to miss a single meal to make sure that one is healthy enough to study.
  • However, if your exam is tomorrow and you don’t know what to do then don’t waste time on every single topic of the book. You need to start with important topics that can help in cramming up the important points and covering up the material that has an important subject to it. You have limited time to study on a topic and hence it is important to invest the time in the right direction.
  • If you keep on forgetting important thing then it is better to write and learn. Writing helps in retaining the content and allow one to work on the important points so that nothing is missed out. this will helps them to be prepared even with limited time.

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