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Business Law – The Business Law firm focuses on providing an expertise, experience, skilled and long term relationships with the help of the business litigation attorneys to enable the clients to develop, establish and grow the business without any hassle. From the formation to the exit, wherever you face an issue, the company will be there to assist you. The client’s goals are listened carefully and then they are counseled to help them achieve the desired outcomes. The firm has a wide range of experience that provides its business clients with effective solutions for their legal needs to grow their businesses. They regularly advise their clients on a wide range of legal issues that affect their businesses including the entity formation, licensing and business strategy, contract drafting, and interpretation, IP protection, anticipating and minimizing the liabilities, employment/HR issues and so on.

Civil Rights – The company has handled numerous high statute civil rights dispute that have received national press coverage, counts civil rights and anti-discrimination law as the main practice areas of the civil rights law firms. They are dedicated to supporting the clients for civil rights in court and the pre-lawsuit negotiations. The attorney of the firm has a major focus on innovative civil rights issues that are based on religious belief and practice, political affiliation, sexual orientation, national origin and race, gender orientation and so on.

Whistleblower Cases – Whenever an organization breaks federal or state laws or take an action against the established policies, at this time of the violation, the employees have the right to raise their voices and make others aware of these violations without any fear of retaliation. For this purpose, the whistleblower law firm has been designed to protect the employees who warn the pertinent or public law enforcement officials about all the illegal corporate activities. There are protection laws for such cases in which the victims are safeguarded against any type of retaliatory actions following the report of the state or the federal law violation. The protections will include public hearings or reports made internally by the public supervisors.

Sexual Harassment – Being a form of gender discrimination, there are various forms of sexual harassment that men and women might face. It might not be discovered sometimes, while it may look obvious on the other hand. It can also be a single incident or all together many, that might result in the creation of a hostile work environment. It can be in the form of retaliation. The harasser might be your boss, client, vendor or a co-worker. The conduct might not be sexual in nature but can also be the one that includes offensive remarks about other sex as well. For this, the company has sexual harassment lawyers to assist you during difficult times.

Employment Litigation and Counseling – A skillful experience is provided to assist the clients in resolving all the types of labor disputes, types of employment such as wrongful termination, misclassification as an independent contractor, hostile work environment, wage/hour, and discrimination claims. The organization represents both employers as well as employees to ensure that the claims and defenses lie closely aligned to the client’s objectives. Then there is complexity and dynamic nature of the labor and employment regulation rules at the local, state and federal level, which employers fail to realize and their actions lead them to liability. In this situation, our employment law attorneys provide a vast variety of services to assist the employees to navigate out of the muddy waters and stay in touch with the developments of the law.

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