Epic Ocean Adventure Eco Tour

5 reasons why you need to experience an Epic Ocean Adventure Eco Tour

Many people know about land tours and safaris, but there are also ocean tours that can leave you breathlessly amazed at the experiences and sights that come with touring on water. Consequently, if you are seeking memories and the adrenaline rush that will last a lifetime, you should consider taking an ocean adventure by contacting Noosa EcoTours EpicOceanAdventures. Simply put, there is nothing else like it on the planet. 

1. Wildlife 

Of course, with any type of tour, you get to see wildlife. For instance, a safari tour allows you to see all sorts of elephants and other animals from the safety of your own car. However, in an ocean tour, you are sometimes no more than a few feet from animals that are actually swimming in to see you. Dolphins are notoriously curious, friendly, and fun. You will be amazed at these creatures as their schools sweep in beneath you as you kayak effortlessly across the water. Touring the ocean is an amazing experience because it allows you to make an amazing connection to other intelligent mammals that can be life changing. 

2. Like a motorcycle on the water 

Touring the water is not done via an enormous cruise ship. Instead, you are with a friend or family member in a two-person kayak. Similarly, you can cruise atop a paddle board wide and stable enough to stand on. This type of tour is the closest you can come to actually being a water mammal yourself. 

It removes the windshields and the guard rails from the experience and places you front and center in nature. Simply put, this is not a memory. It is an experience that becomes a part of you. As you gain more experience, you can enjoy hours at a time out on the water, snapping photos or gazing down in the crystal blue water for a sight of the many sea turtles that frequent the area. 

3. Remote 

Unlike many types of vacations, you will not be caught in a throng of people and lost amid anonymous tourists. Instead, you are a member of a small group, and you will have direct access to the tour guides to ask questions. Over an afternoon or even a few days, you can develop friendships that will last decades. 

That said, you can also enjoy your time alone with friends and family, taking in the sights without feeling as if you are among the thousands of tourists jostling for the best scenic hot spot or souvenirs. Eco tours are intimate, remote, and amazing. 

You might, of course, wonder just how remote these tours are. In terms of being away from it all, you will be happy to know that many of the locations are only accessible via four-wheel-drive vehicles. You cannot fly on a plane, and tourists cannot stop in for an afternoon via a hotel bus. Your vacation helps you get away from the hustle of daily life in a way that connects you to nature and the new friends you are guaranteed to make. 

4. Enough pictures to fill your smartphone–and then some 

Your smartphone is one of the many things you will want to bring. Of course, it is recommended that you bring an extra SD card because you will easily fill up the space on your phone with photos and videos. In fact, there are so many sights that you will find it difficult to choose what to photograph and what to not photograph because it is impossible to bring enough memory cards for your phone. 

For instance, you can bring a waterproof case for your phone and attach it to your neck on a band. Doing so will allow you to snap photos from far out on the water. Conversely, if you enjoy the land, you can comb the beach, taking pictures of the rugged outback. 

5. Learn a skill you can take anywhere you go 

Unfortunately, many vacations involve a once-in-a-lifetime trip that is over as soon as you get home. With an ocean tour, you bring home kayaking skills and expertise at paddle boarding that you can use elsewhere. 

Of course, skills are not limited to kayaking and paddle boarding. In fact, you will have the opportunity to surf the waves and discover how exhilarating surfing actually is.


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