5 Elements That Make A Successful Hindi News App In 2021

5 Elements That Make A Successful Hindi News App In 2021

Mobile news apps have rapidly evolved to provide the best user experience. Moreover, the change or the developmental patterns of the app have varied based on the consumer’s search trend, likes & dislikes, user-friendliness, and dynamic access towards vital information. Every great news app has some quality and paramount features and key highlights which makes it best. We will also look into one of the most successful Hindi news app “Dainik Bhaskar” to understand the major elements of a successful Hindi news app. Whether it is today news or the latest breaking news you get all the major updates in the Dainik Bhaskar app.  

  1. Why Categories Are Backbone Of A News App?

There is no doubt that the news smartphone apps update news every single minute. Hence it becomes vital for the developers to keep the categories visible so that the users can easily find the information of interest. Dainik Bhaskar uses a unique function to category news and categories which makes it quite easy for all the users to find their key interests.

The successful news applications also recheck the algorithm to ensure that all the sorting functions n the right way to ensure the best practices. The next important thing which every successful news application contains its own search filter system so that users can fetch the right information, which they are looking for in the application.  

  1. Why Smart Push Notifications Are Crucial For A News App?

Smartphone push notifications play a vital role in driving the online audience into their key interests. The smartphone push notifications can alert the users and grab their attention. Well, you can find a push notification in almost every single news app, but it becomes a much-needed aspect in a Hindi news app. No user would love to be late to know about the latest updates related to their personal interests. Moreover, it is also essential to set an engaging headline that can grab the audience’s attention to the news. 

  1. Why Is Engagement Is Essential For News App?

There is no doubt that every single application available on the play store provides a chance to users to comment or to describe the reader’s perspective about the news. Dainik Bhaskar Hindi news app includes this exclusive feature where every user gets a chance to describe their own view on the news, which can be helpful for the developers. However, it is equally essential for a news app to ensure that they have a fully developed infrastructure or algorithm to automatically delete offensive comments from the post.  

  1. Social Media 

On the other hand, social media forms an exciting element for a news app to drive an audience. There are millions of users on the internet who are looking for exciting information. Social media platforms are like treasures for the news agencies as they can spread the news in a quick time. Millions of users are active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and hence it becomes quite easy for the users to share information. Dainik Bhaskar Hindi news app also offers an easy one click share option which the users can use to share the latest feeds with their kith and kin. 

  1. Personalization Is The Key To Success

As discussed previously, the news app will get updated with the latest news every single minute, which will definitely make things difficult for the user. The modern news apps take in worthy suggestions from the users during their sign-up where they can select their categories of interest which makes it easy for the app to provide personalized feeds.

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