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3 smart methods to increase SEO rank in the year 2019

If you go through content related to Search Engine Optimization on the internet, it is very clear that SEO decides the future of a website. Websites that are unable to attain a good SERP position eventually get closed down. It is all about how website owners plan things and execute them. SEO campaigns have to be planned in a productive manner using the correct tactics. To start with, stop believing that a new website would get ranked at the very top instantly. This is because time is required for a website to build a good reputation. People start trusting a brand with the passage of time.

Most website owners opt for generic SEO tips only. It is a fact that some tactics work for all kinds of websites but that is not enough. Some methods are specific to the brand and nature of products. For instance, if a company offering services for electronic maintenance would use local SEO to generate business in a specific location. Hence, having a list of effective SEO steps is important.

SEO methods will continue to gain importance in the year 2019. If you are failing to acquire a good website position this year, the following ideas can help you progress.

  1. Frequent change of keywords

Do you know the keywords that your customers are using to browse things online? Are they using the same selection of keywords that they were using a year back? This is what you need to pay attention to. Keyword preferences change and website owners need to keep the content updated. In other cases, websites start falling in terms of ranks. Consider that the content published on your website a month back included the phrase “best denim jeans of 2018” and a lot of people visited your website. It is obvious that people would not be using this phrase as the year has changed. Adding new keywords to the content is absolutely essential. If these keywords are present in the content, the website would obviously be shown among the searched results. In the year 2019, regular keyword updating would be an essential practice. Since the selection of search words used by customers is changing, the needed amendments would have to be made to the content.

  • Keyword planning is a necessary practice and a lot of websites do not use this practice. You cannot know what people are searching for if the keywords have not been planned. Along with that, out dated keywords would obviously bring down the rank of the website as well. Google Keyword planner is one of the best keyword planning tools being used by the top websites.
  • If you are offering services in a particular location, the importance of keyword planning would obviously increase. For instance, consider that your company offers electronic repair services in Chicago. The keywords being used in the content would be specific to Chicago as the target audience is located there. 
  1. Branding is the game changing component

Why would people read your web content if they do not know about your brand? Buyers are brand loyal and they do not consider options which they do not know about. Thus, you should make sure people have enough awareness of your brand. When they know about it, they would develop the interest to read information related to it. Content marketing obviously helps a lot in branding. There are numerous ways through which you can market the content on your website. Here are some strong ones.

  • A high percentage of people read content published on social media platforms with a lot of interest. If you have published blogs on popular Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, the written information would be exposed to all the users. In other words, your brand would be promoted in a successful manner. Social media is a strong promotional mechanism for branding. Even one interesting blog post can help you in getting several customers. Branding is a constant process and you cannot expect things to change overnight. For instance, if you talk about social media posts, they should be published regularly to keep the readers engaged. You cannot expect your brand to grow at a good pace if you are adding fresh content once in a while. In an overall manner, content marketing is one of the best and most powerful ways to make your brand well known. When people read information related to your brand and it impressed them, they would start preferring your brand as well.
  • Publishing regular content and stuffing garbage content are two very different things. Every brand has a business domain and a correspondence set of audience. The content should obviously reflect what the brand is dealing in. If you have a brand for smart phones, the content should not be explaining benefits of a television model. 
  1. Is your website indexed for mobiles?

You need to work according to the behaviour of the audience. Which devices are people using to use the internet and browse your website? Today, you do not see a lot of people using computers because smart phones are a lot more compatible. Hence for the SEO rank to go up, a Google index website should have Google index page for mobile so that people are able to access it in a comfortable manner.

  • Mobile responsive websites earn a lot of business for their respective brands. Today, we have a lot of people who are not comfortable with computers but almost everyone uses smartphones. In the earlier days, using desktops and laptops was the only way to access the internet but times have changed. People shops, pay bills, read reviews and perform countless other tasks using smartphones and tablets. As a result, mobile responsive websites are a lot more successful than standard ones.
  • If your website is responsive, the user would not be struggling with the view. The web pages would adjust according to the size of screen being used. As a result, uses would view content without unnecessary scrolling.

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