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Why Your Employee Experience Needs An Outstanding Intranet

Modern companies are making a new generation of Intranets the centre of an amazing employee experience. The modern Intranet has changed the way employees work, collaborate, find information and organize their day. The right Intranet will drive productivity, employee engagement and employee satisfaction. It is no longer sufficient to simply implement a static, share point based Intranet with a pretty design. Employees expect a social, interactive, connected, feed based digital employee portal. Now more than ever employees feel the need to be connected with the company they are working with and feel empowered to make a difference, and a modern Intranet will align, inform and motivate. A seamless employee experience is important for today’s employees and that experience is made possible with the outstanding intranet.

Here are a few of the ways in which adopting a modern intranet can help transform employee experience and internal communication.

  1. Personalized experience

Every employee has a different association with the company but when you add the intranet in the equation, you will give each employee a chance to express themselves in ways they like and make it easier for them to have the best experience with your organization. Intranet can help with the isolated departments at a great level because it can help with the better flow of information and helps to accelerate the overall process. Intranet can give your employees a complete chance of having the superior yet personalized experience during their work tenure. The digital experience offered by you must give each employee the feel that they are relevant. Intranet can put all your employees in one place and yet everyone has their own space as well which makes it rather amazing and helps in shaping the personalized experience for each of your employees.

  1. Lesser problems and faster solutions

Those times are gone when employees had to wait a couple of days before getting a response from another department because now intranet is there to help you out. When all your employees have a shared experience and means of communication, it means that the problems that use to occur due to lack of coordination are no longer there. Everything is communicated on time and even delivery times have become a lot better. Due to the intranet, there has been a much lesser problem but whenever any problem occurs the solutions have become even more accessible because everyone is on the same platform. Solutions come quickly when many brains look at it from their perspective, in fact, you will get a pool of solutions because everyone has something to contribute and this can save you from tons of problems.

  1. Valuable coordination

Intranet has given amazing solutions and every little problem that you avoid today in business is due to the excellent intranet. The collaboration and coordination have become so much better with an intranet that now it seems impossible that it didn’t exist a decade ago, how would people find solutions without collaborating on time. Intranet has given your employees the ability to collaborate properly with each other and on time and it definitely leads to lesser frustrations at the workplace; ultimately contributing to outstanding employee experience.

  1. Modern tools knowledge

A good intranet gives your employee a great chance to develop skills for the modern job world. The intranet tools have become so advanced and full of features that employees feel privileged in having a chance to learn these tools. It prepares them and advances their skills for their careers, knowledge of these tools generate a sense of gratitude towards the organization and makes their experience a lot better and memorable.

  1. Amazing culture

Intranets have helped a lot in shaping the culture of today’s organizations. In fact, even companies are analyzed based on the intranet experience they offer. Everyone wants to work for organizations who have good intranet and offer the best tools to their employees. The intranet game has gone really important and eventually helps a lot in standardizing the culture of the company.  Good intranet means that there are lesser chances for people to practice leg pulling as great intranet provides great transparency to organizations and any foul play can be detected from miles away. Employees feel much secure working at a company where there are no chances of being exploited because whether you trust or not a good intranet can kick politics out of the backdoor. You will never feel threatened if your company has outstanding intranet because you are as secure as possible, anyone guilty will be detected right away, saving tons of effort and giving right employees security and confidence.


An intranet is really important if you want to make your employee experience best possible so the right people can stay with you and contribute productively towards the success of your business.

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