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Why Your Car Needs a Car Cover?

One of the reasons why we need to take good care of our car is because it is expensive and we want our car to stay in good condition for as long as possible. Car owners take good care of their cars with regular maintenance.

  • Regular cleaning of the car at least once a week. Dirt and mud that stick to the car, especially under the car may cause rusting of the metal.
  • Change the engine oil and oil filter regularly to ensure all parts remained lubricated and also to ensure the smooth running of the engine parts.
  • Check regularly that the tires are sufficiently inflated. Tires not sufficiently inflated tend to wear off faster and will affect the fuel consumption.
  • Check and change brake pads whenever necessary. Worn out brake pads are dangerous and need to be changed immediately.

We also need to take good care of the surface paintwork of our car from fading or scratches. To do so, we need to use good quality car cover. Not everyone has the luxury of a garage or carport for their car. When the car is kept outdoors, the car is exposed to the hot sun causing the paintwork to fade and the rubber parts to harden. Not all car covers are made to fit the size and shape of our cars.  In order to have good fit car covers, we need custom car covers specially designed and constructed specifically for our cars.

Custom car covers are made to fit the specific car perfectly and will prevent rain or dust from getting under the cover. Strong wind will not be able to blow or cause flapping of the cover against the surface of the car, preventing scratches caused by dust particles.

Cars that are parked outdoors will have rain water working its way over the exterior and over time may begin to corrode any sensitive or unprotected areas of the car body. Dust and dirt particles will stay and stick to the surface of the pain work and also get into joints and crevices to cause corrosion of the metal.

When the cars are parked most of the time under the hot sun, it will need a dash cover or a dash carpet to protect the dash from the harsh heat and the glare of the sun. There are dash covers made of various materials that are durable and of good quality to provide the perfect protection for the dash.

For those who have the luxury of a garage or a carport, there are also indoor car covers for your cars. If your car is a Chevrolet, you can get a custom made Chevrolet indoor car cover to prevent dust from settling on your car. Cars that are stored in the garage, especially during the harsh winter months will need an indoor car cover. Ensure that the car is cleaned of dust and totally dried before using an indoor car cover to avoid any dust or moisture from being trapped under the cover.

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