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Why Relying on Translation Software is not That Good of an Idea?

The digital platform’s influx has changed many industries and sectors in the modern era as it has acted as a springboard for many technologies. You should know that even translation agencies have been heavily affected by the rise of the internet.

The rise of the internet has also opened many options for people looking to translate a piece of document. You might start considering this change as a positive impact, but you should know that the widening of options has reduced the translation quality and accuracy.

People are even using Google Translate for document translation services, and you should know that this is not exactly a suitable option if you are looking for professional document translation services.

Let’s explore why you can’t rely entirely on software translations instead of using professional services for your translations.

Not accurate

One of the main reasons you can’t trust software translation is that it’s not accurate. You might have used Google Translate for saying ‘Hi’ to your Japanese friend, and it must have turned out 100% correct, but this doesn’t mean that you can use it for translating a research paper. If you are still not convinced, you can try the software for solving a long piece of document and check the result. There is a 100% chance that the work will not be accurate and hamper the context and meaning of the document as software translators have been designed to handle simple translations only, but that’s not the case with online translation services. Google Translate uses linguistic data picked up from United Nations and European Parliament documents and translates everything into English and then to the required language. This can single-handedly change the entire meaning of the text. Translation agencies, on the other hand, specialize in translating documents professionally and use expert translators for the job to maintain accuracy.

No match for human translators

Language is a concept made by humans for humans and there is no way a machine will ever be able to capture the full essence of what we know, feel, and speak. Modern-day software solutions used for translation services have been designed to replicate human minds, but the possibility of success is very bleak and this is why you can’t trust the results of Google Translate or any other software translator for your document translation services.

No transcreation

If you are looking forward to increasing your reach and engagement with a foreign audience, transcreation will become an essential factor. All the brands that limit their focus to direct translation cannot perform well when it comes to engaging the audience. If you are running a firm, you need to overcome something more than the language barrier. Through transcreation, you make your piece of content more meaningful to your audience, which is what no software translator will be able to provide.

No proofreading

If you are taking the help of a professional translation agency for translating your document, you can rest assured that your document will be proofread. This improves the accuracy of the result and makes your translated piece of the document more relevant. But when you are using Google Translate or any other software translation service, there will be no option of proofreading, and you will have to use what Google will offer you in raw form.

Document translation services are all about accuracy and transcreation, and if you use software translators, you will get none of these. This is why, in the case of quality translation, it is highly advised to use professional online translation services without any second thoughts. You will get a 100% accurate translation through a professional translation agency by paying a small price. 

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