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Why Offering Outplacement Services Is A Win-Win Even For Small Businesses?

The pandemic unleashed a chain of devastating effects. Different industries have felt the economic turmoil, and many businesses had to close down indefinitely as a result. While some surviving companies could continue their operations, most of them got no choice but to suspend a portion of their workforce indefinitely.

Whether it’s 20 employees or a thousand, the situation falls under the mass layoff category. Whenever it comes to that painful decision to do a job cut, does your small business offer outplacement services? Is being a startup or small business enough excuse not to consider?

Why Is It A Disservice To Not Provide Outplacement Services?

If outplacement is not in your corporate dictionary, you may be doing an enormous injustice to your brand. News spread like wildfire, especially on social media, where claimed truths don’t need evidence for hundreds to believe in them. Without the sincere send-off that only an outplacement service can provide, the layoff will land serious damage to the company’s name, and you end up with demotivated and worrisome employees who fear that they could be the next.

Below, we provide further reasons why outplacement services are necessary, even for a small business startup like you.

It Saves The Reputation Of Your Brand

To ensure the growth and longevity of a company, one must build a good brand. Having a business everyone looks up to is not limited to selling quality items, signing famous actors for commercials, or providing excellent customer service. The world is also watching your deeds as an employer and an active contributor to the economy. Due to this, being there to help your old staff get past the unemployment stage could greatly change the way people talk about your business.

It Maintains The Workplace Harmony

The employees spared from the job cut would feel the loss of their unfortunate co-workers. And if you facilitated the layoff in a way that shows no remorse, the work environment could go sour in an instant. The remaining staff would live in constant worry and might take harsh actions that could endanger your business, such as litigation or a massive abandonment of post.

With outplacement services around, everyone would feel safe and assured. It also sends a message of sincerity and that the company did not intend to lose part of its workforce. Not all businesses offer such aid to their outgoing employees, and your staff would feel lucky and honored that they have been a member of such a compassionate company.

You Treat Your Family As You Should

With such a tiny workforce, the company may be home to strong, established relationships. You, as an owner of a small-medium business, maybe an important member of this camaraderie formed through times. Availing outplacement services is not just morally right, but it is what your employees, who see you as a family member, deserve.

Save yourself from being haunted by the thought of not doing enough for your people. Assisting them throughout this stage with a package offer like outplacement services NYC, should clear you from the guilt, and as well as guarantee your remaining employees that whatever happens, you still got their backs.

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