What to Wear Whale Watching

What to Wear Whale Watching

America’s finest city, San Diego is a good place to see ocean-faring mammals at their finest. During whale watching season in San Diego, you will find plenty of ways to see the migration.

With a large kelp forest just offshore that attracts the ocean-going mammals, whale watchers do not have to travel far. Whale watching season in San Diego runs from mid-December through April. The most common species you can spot are the migrating gray whales.  Female whales with the calves can be spotted late in the season as they take the babies back north with them.

San Diego whale watching cruise is an exciting adventure. In order to enjoy your trip to the fullest, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your adventure ahead of time.  Due to the nature of the whale watching trip, you must bring a few essentials such as comfortable pants or shorts and a long sleeved top. Bring a sweater or jacket for layering. The temperature on the ocean can be a few degrees colder than on land so it is better to dress in layers. Wear comfortable shoes and rubber soles are recommended.

You may also want to consider bringing camera, extra batteries, bottled water, snacks, sunscreen, binoculars and nausea medicine if you are prone to seasick.

There are plenty of San Diego sightseeing tours to enjoy whale watching season and one of the best tour is on board the the 138-foot sailing yacht, the Yacht America from Next Level Sailing.  You will get to see a plethora of gray whales firsthand in their natural habitat. Next Level Sailing offers the only “no sickness guarantee” in the world so you can leave out the nausea medicine when you book with them. Even if you are the one to get seasick during the tour, they will compensate you with a $25 gift certificate.  Great customer service eh?

While your eyes are pointed toward the horizon, do not forget to turn around and look back.  Snap a few pics of the stunning San Diego coast

So hurry and jump on board the world-famous America for a once-in-a-lifetime Whale Watching experience in San Diego.

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