What are the Proven Health Benefits of Smoking Weed

What are the Proven Health Benefits of Smoking Weed?

You can find cannabis in various forms, and the most amazing thing is that the health benefits of the drug keep on increasing. Cannabis contains CBD, a chemical that impacts your brain and helps it to function better. Also, feminized seeds produce cannabis containing THC, which is a chemical useful in relieving chronic pain.

Marijuana or cannabis is a wonder plant. Scientists have been spending a lot of time digging more into its medical benefits. Here at i49 we are not left behind either. This article helps you uncover the proven health benefits of smoking weed or using cannabis-related products. Stay put into finding out more about marijuana benefits.

9 Health Benefits of Smoking Cannabis 

1. Relief from chronic pain

Marijuana contains hundreds of chemicals, including cannabinoids. Scientists have linked cannabinoids or CBD to help the body fight pain and provide relief. The chemical makeup of CBD helps the body to get relief from chronic pain.

Today, most doctors are using medical marijuana to help their patients find relief from post-surgical symptoms.

2. Smoking cannabis helps you lose weight 

If you are struggling to lose weight or even reduce the symptoms of obesity, the best you can do is resort to using cannabis products. A recent study published in the journal of obesity has established that dope weed smokers are less likely to become obese than non-weed smokers.

Also, in a study by researchers from the Conference of Quebec University Health Center that looked at 700 adults aged 18-74, it is found that most cannabis users usually have a low BMI. Medics have shown that having a low BMI is a sign of good health.

3. Improves lung function 

Most people may not see this benefit coming through. However, some studies have shown that smoking cannabis can make your lungs function better. Smoking weed is not that bad for your lungs as long as you know how to smoke like a pro.

Compared to cigarettes and cigars, cannabis is much better at keeping your lungs healthier. People who have never smoked weed and those who smoke cigars are at high risk of getting lung infections than weed smokers.

Scientists publish in the Journal of the American Medical Association that the long puffs of weed smoke you pass through the lungs can make the organ to be more efficient and healthy. Therefore, if you want to make your lungs healthier and more efficient, you can start using cannabis products.

4. Can help with ADD/ADHD

Are you having trouble with the tasks at hand, or you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD? Well, cannabis can come to your rescue. When you have ADD, you tend to develop problems with concentration and cognitive performance. It becomes difficult to work on a task, and your productivity at work is impaired.

Marijuana has shown some ability to improve focus in people with ADHD. Since cannabis contains THC and other chemicals useful in training your brain to focus, it can help alleviate ADD’s worse symptoms. Most physicians and scientists also consider medical marijuana the best alternative to Ritalin and Adderall used to treat ADD.

5. Treats insomnia 

If you are having trouble sleeping at night, cannabis can help you out. Insomnia and other sleep disorders are highly related to chronic pain and anxiety. When you take cannabis, you get relief from chronic pain and anxiety, increasing the likelihood of getting a night’s sleep.

When you take cannabis 30 minutes before bed, you are more likely to have a good night’s sleep. When marijuana helps you find relief from chronic pain, you are more likely to fall asleep.

6. Helps you manage alcoholism 

Alcoholism is a serious problem, and most people find it difficult to stop drinking when they become addicts. The only reason your doctor may advise you to use cannabis instead of alcohol is that it is much safer.

Cannabis is not that much addictive compared to alcohol. Yes, it may not be risk-free, but it is also a better way to curb alcoholism. If you find yourself glued to alcohol, you can find some remedy in marijuana or, better still, go for addiction therapy from a rehab.

7. Stops cancer cells from spreading

 Researchers from California Pacific Medical Center have shown that smoking cannabis can help reduce cancer cells in the body.

Cannabidiol present in weed turns off the Id-1 gene in the body and slows or stops the spread of cancer cells. In the research, scientists experiment on breast cancer cells with a high amount of Id-1 cells, and it is established that exposing them to Cannabidiol stops the cells from spreading.

8. Relief from arthritis 

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis can find relief by using cannabis products. In a 2011 study, scientists report that using cannabis contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. That means using cannabis can help you get relief if you have arthritis.

In another of rheumatology, some hospitals gave their patients some cannabinoid-based pain-relieving drug, Sativex, and found that after two weeks, patients who had taken the drug had a significant reduction in chronic pain and were able to sleep better.

9. Decreases anxiety 

Reduced anxiety may be another health benefit of using cannabis. A 2010 study by the Harvard University established that smoking marijuana or using cannabis products can help you find relief from anxiety.

Smoking weed in small doses can improve your moods. It can also act as a sedative in low doses. However, you should know that smoking too much cannabis can worsen your anxiety or make you paranoid.

In conclusion 

There are still some ongoing studies to ascertain the many health benefits of marijuana mentioned here. However, the truth is that smoking weed and using most cannabis products comes with many benefits, like helping you find relief from chronic pain, reduce the symptoms of ADD, and relieving arthritis.

If you want to use medical marihuana, you should first find out if it is legalized in your state. Contact your doctor before you can use any cannabis products.

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