What Are the Best Quality Kitchen Knife Sets?

What Are the Best Quality Kitchen Knife Sets?

Having a good set of knives makes the preparation of meals at home easy. The best options are professional knives that were built to last. One example is a сangshan knife set that will last forever and will bring joy to your kitchen routine. Of course, some people may opt to get individual knives instead of a knife set. But buying a knife set adds to your home decor and also can be a splendid gift to friends and family. 

What to look for in a quality kitchen knife set 

  •       Does the set have essentials? 

The essential type of knives that every kitchen needs are the paring knife, chef’s knife, and serrated blade. A good kitchen set should have these types of knives. It may also have kitchen shears, boning knives, or vegetable cleaver. 

  •       Features of the knife 

To identify a good kitchen set, check for a good handle, balance, and blade material. Blades may be stainless steel, ceramic, or carbon steel. 

  •       Blade’s construction 

Some blade construction techniques are forging stock removal or stamping. Considering the blade construction technique will help you choose the best knife set for your needs. 

  •       Maintenance procedures 

Some knife sets do not require sharpening, as they have inbuilt sharpening technology. Others come with custom storage options, making storage easier. Those knife sets with simple maintenance requirements are suitable for all households. 

The best quality knife sets 

1.Mercer genesis

 Made in Taiwan, it is one of the best 6piece knife set in the market. The high carbon steel blades are rust and corrosion-resistant. The glass block gives the set a classy and sleek look that adds décor to the kitchen. They are affordable and come with a lifetime warranty, making them one of the most popular brands.

2.Cangshan Thomas Keller signature collection 

One of the best knife sets is this 17piece set that contains a peeling knife, serrated knife, and a paring knife. It also comes with a chef’s knife, a santoku, and kitchen shears. The storage block has an in-built sharpener, making it one of the convenient items to have in the kitchen. Other features that make it popular with chefs and homeowners are;

  •       Full-tang blades made from Swedish Damasteel that is rust and corrosion-resistant, 
  •       Durable handles, 
  •       A lifetime warranty. 
  •       It also has certification from National Sanitation Foundations.
  1.  Global G series 

The Japanese 6piece knife set is a sleek one-piece construction with elegant design and top-notch cutting performance. It has stainless steel handles, has balance, and is comfortable to use. They are also easy to clean and can retain sharpness for long hence fewer maintenance procedures. 

  1. Wusthof classic  

The main features of this German knife set are; 

  •       Wooden block storage, 
  •       High carbon stainless steel blades, 
  •       Weighted bolsters,
  •       Laser-edge sharpening technology.

With this 7piece knife set, you get all the types of knives one may require for daily use. They include the chef’s knife, a serrated knife, a paring knife, and others. 

There are many knife-set brands in the market. Identifying the best may be challenging, but with the above tips, it becomes easy.




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