Top Clothing Tips before Visit to India

Top Clothing Tips before Visit to India

Unfortunately, clothing for your Indian trip is a little more complicated than any other part of the world. This is the land with diverse culture, climatic condition and requirements and it is also better to pack light. With numerous constraints on this field, we find it essential to guide you step by step in this process you must know about this before plan any India tours.

Eastern India

Eastern India gets more rainfall than any other part of the land. Thus, wear light cotton clothing, which can dry easily. Calculate the number of dress you would need for the span of your stay and add five more sets to it. Your dress can easily get wet and you might need to change more often than you think. Mosquitoes are everywhere and thus, wear dresses, which cover every part of your body. Avoid heels, as the land will be slippery and rough. Summers are very humid here. Thus, pack light clothing.

Western India

This part of the country has the desert and a few coastal areas. The climate vary with the region. If you are choosing Rajasthan, summers are scorching and thus, choose light clothing. If you are choosing other regions, summers are considerably hot and humid. When it comes to winter, the land is pleasingly cool. One thick coat is enough to insulate you. Your winter gears might not be necessary. Rains are not too heavy and thus, a small umbrella will help you stay dry.

Northern India

If you are visiting during summer, it is recommended to stick with light and cotton clothing. Bring cap and sunscreen with you. Do not think of a harsh summer here. Summers are mild and cool. Monsoon can be harsh and thus, it is recommended to bring rainy day wear, thick shoes and cotton clothes. Cotton dries easily helping you to stay comfortable. If you are visiting to north India  in winter, pack as heavy as possible. Ladakh, Kashmir and other northern regions are very cold and snowy. Thus, all your winter gears should be inside.

Southern India

This part of the country is very hot and humid during summer and. Wear mild cotton clothing during summer visits. Monsoon can be harsh and thus, pack a few additional sets of clothing. Winters are not too cold. Southern India has many beach locations and thus, beachwear’s should be a part of your luggage. Some of the southern Indian temples do not allow women to enter without a shawl covering their head. So, pack a simple shawl with you.

Central India

Central India has the extreme climate in both the times. The winters can be foggy and cold and, summers are extremely hot. The cold winter can be nullified with a simple jean jacket or a thick coat. You need to reach out of wool sweaters. If it is a summer visit, choose to wear light clothing. Many parts of central India have very rough rainy season. Thus, pack as much as possible. Choose cotton clothing to stay dry.

Common tips

  1. Both men and women should wear clothing, which covers below their knees. It is better to wear a decent clothing.
  2. You might have to remove your footwear to enter into many places. Thus, make sure your shoes are easy to put on and off. Wear thick shoes and socks as not all the routes are well laid.
  3. Caps, hats and other protective gears come handy, no matter when you visit. Always have sunscreen with you, even if you are visiting in winter.
  4. Some high-end hotels require black-tie attire for dining. Check with the hotels to learn about their requirements.
  5. Indians never expect you to wear their traditional clothing. You need not worry about adapting their fashion during your stay.

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