Menopause Supplements

Top 5 Best Menopause Supplements

The climax is a natural physiological period that is characterized by the extinction of reproductive function in the body. As a rule, menopause is accompanied by a deterioration of not only physical indicators, but also psychological, so it is important to pay special attention to your health. To stabilize the hormonal background, eliminate unpleasant symptoms, as well as improve mood and general condition, supplements for menopause are actively used.

What Are Menopause Supplements and Their Effects

Despite the fact that the best menopause supplements do not belong to medications, they have a beneficial effect on a weakened female body. A positive effect is ensured by the presence in the composition of such a component as a phytoestrogen, which is an analog of the female sex hormone.

The best natural supplements for menopause help improve the general condition of a woman due to the fact that they bring:

  •  a decrease in the number of hot flashes with the climacteric, provoked by hormonal imbalance and, as a result, an improvement in sleep quality;
  •  increased mood and improved overall emotional state – such positive changes are due to the fact that menopause supplements normalize the functioning of the autonomic system;
  •  strengthening the immune system;
  •  normalization of the functioning of the endocrine system;
  •  improved appearance;
  •  a decrease in symptoms, which is manifested in the climax;
  •  prevention of the development of diabetes caused by hormonal imbalance, as well as premature climacteric.

The use of menopause supplements helps relieve pronounced symptoms, without causing unpleasant side effects. Thus, supplements for menopause can be a real salvation for women who have individual intolerance to hormonal drugs and therefore can not take the course of MHT.

The following groups of menopause supplements are distinguished:

  •  Phytoestrogens – the main goal of the drug is to improve the general condition of women in menopause.
  •  Homeopathic medicine promotes the development of a favorable environment for increasing the number of estrogen hormones.
  •  Vitamin complexes are aimed at strengthening a weakened immune system. Specially selected useful vitamins effectively tone the female body during menopausal changes. 

Best Supplements For Menopause

There are many worthy menopause supplements complexes, but according to independent surveys and checking the quality/price ratio, the following preparations are some of the best. So, here they are:

  1.  Estrosense;
  2.  Supplements Balance;
  3.  Remifemin;
  4.  Dr. Tobias;
  5.  Genius Estrogen Balance.

Each of these products is able to change the life of a menopausal woman for better and make her daily routine comfortable to do.


Menopause supplements consist of plant and animal components, as well as vitamin and mineral complexes, therefore, they do not have a negative effect on the female body and also do not provoke the development of a cancerous tumor and thrombosis. A side effect of the use of completely natural supplements for menopause may occur if one of the components is individually not tolerated by a female. In order to avoid unpleasant manifestations, it is forbidden to choose the type of climax additives yourself – this should be done by an experienced doctor only.

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