Hydrated This Summer

Tips to Keep Yourself Hydrated This Summer

Summer is a beautiful time as it brings spring along. Everyone waits for this season of flowers, fruits and of course holidays. However, as time passes, the sun starts blazing with heat and the climate gets unbearable. All those complaints of being exhausted and tired are the signs that rising heat has started affecting your body. During summers, you must take care of your health by avoiding dehydration.

Human bodies are engineered by the nature to adjust as per exterior temperature, thus an excess of heat leads to causes sweating to cool down the body. Water is essential for life as it plays a key role in many metabolic processes, maintaining blood pressure and smooth functioning of other systems. Losing a large amount of water due to heat overheats the body and as a result, you may suffer from heatstroke.

During summer, you must have experienced loss of hunger, dry mouth or light-headedness. These all are the initial signs of draining water from your body. Dehydration is a serious condition which starts with fatigue, extreme thirst and muscle cramps. Dehydration obstructs the brain activities as the brain are made of 73% water. You must have stories of people fainting after roaming in sun for a long time. Most often people encounter confusion as heat soaks up the water from the brain.

But don’t worry, here are tips to keep yourself hydrated this summer:


You should at least consume 4 litres of water per day. But if you still feel thirsty, do not hesitate to exceed this limit. During summer, brains confuse thirst with hunger, as a result, you may eat when not hungry. This is no good to you and may results in constipation as better digestion requires water. Thus, at least have a glass of water before every meal.

Indeed, drinking plenty of water saves from dehydration, however drinking impure water may be troublesome. Proper purification of water is important. Buy water purifier to be safe from waterborne diseases. If you already have an RO water purifier, clean its filters before summer starts.

Water + Fruits = No Dehydration

Enrich your body with antioxidants and electrolytes by infusing your drinking water with fruits like watermelons, oranges, berries or lemons. Electrolytic balance is crucial for the functioning of nerves and muscle. These fruits are rich in electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, sodium and chlorides that prevent tiredness. Coconut water is another amazing source of water and electrolytes that you can go for during summers.

Water that you can eat

Including food with high water content in diet during summer helps to maintain the body hydrated. Such food includes vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers and different types of melons.

Checking signs of dehydration

Human urine is the best sign to check for dehydration. Normally, human urine is pale or straw coloured due to adequate water levels in the body. However, dehydration changes the colour of urine by making it darker yellow in appearance.

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