Opening a Dental Clinic

Things to Keep in Mind while Opening a Dental Clinic


It can be both difficult and exciting to start your first dental clinic. Starting a dental practise, or any medical practise for that matter, requires a degree of passion and commitment, business acumen, industry understanding, marketing skills and insight and awareness of different aspects of your practise and service. To run a good doctor’s clinic, clinical experience and know-how of the different facets of your organisation are prerequisites.

Here’s a little introductory guide to help you along your way.

  • Have set targets

Your motivations guide the action, and it will motivate you to achieve great success in your practise by having shared goals for your personal and professional life. Setting your goals for earnings, family, freedom of time and learning will provide you with clarity into how big or small your dental practise needs to be. For example, getting a practise close to your home could help you save your family’s travel time if your primary concern is your family.

  • Find the right people to work with

It is an overwhelming job to run a whole doctor’s clinic  all by yourself. You will be able to concentrate on the core-treating patients- by hiring qualified people in medical therapies and clinic management. You can use online and offline connections to scan for individuals searching for part-time work. Listing jobs in college bulletins and forums related to medicine may attract to students seeking practical experience, learning, and income.

  • Equipment

Using equipment approved by trusted medical organisations can help your customers establish faith in your practice. It will certainly help you attract customers to get simple equipment such as a mouth mirror, dental chair, retractors and drills of good quality while retaining a good atmosphere and ambience in the doctor’s clinic as well. Ensure the machinery is sterilised as often as required.

  • Research about the costs involved and budget accordingly
    Treating patients is your only job when you are working for a hospital or a clinic. However, you will also have to play a role as a company owner once you launch your own practise. Good dental equipment is costly and before you start off, you have to assess all expenditures and know the expenditure number. Rental, employee payroll, furniture, furnishings, water and energy bills, taxes and equipment costs may be typical expenses. Before venturing, understanding these costs will remove the surprise factor and help you ready yourself for financial roadblocks.
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  • Marketing
    It is paramount to determine which marketing plan will work out best for you. You may imagine getting your own website that eases tasks such as scheduling appointments, making purchases, and other choices. Further you can use the tremendous reach of social , to spread the word of your clinic. By partnering with other websites, you can also advertise it online. In addition, the traditional ways newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, boards, and hoardings may be used for advertisements. 
  • Maintain a good level of quality and standards
    Setting up a doctor’s clinic is just half the way there. Maintaining dental norms and evaluating improvement is a critical point in operating a dental practise. This can be done by:
  • Frequent dental equipment quality checks
  • Maintaining accounts and benefit assessment
  • Checking the Drugs Expiry Dates
  • Providing staff with upgraded training sessions

Starting a dental practise can seem intimidating at first but the rewards of being your own boss and running your own office will make the initial hard work well worth it. One must always remember that overnight, nothing happens. Patience and perseverance is the secret to success in any practise.

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