Most Expensive Restaurants In India

The Most Expensive Restaurants In India

Restaurants are unquestionably a societal necessity. Every beautiful story and wondrous gatherings have begun through restaurants. Thus, they are naturally eminent social corners that are valued by every person of the human race.

But some restaurants fall outrageously out of a typical household pay scale. The restaurants that make you wonder that you need to be a lottery winner in order to schedule a meal over there.

So, let us list those sickening fancy restaurants that possess powers to ablaze your pockets.

Ocean – The Private Dining Room – Sahara Star, Mumbai: Place That Makes You Wonder, “I Need to be a Lottery Winner to Eat Here”

Mumbai is known for gleaming city lights and glorious beach days but lets us slide your attention to the other side of Mumbai; the elite dine ins and the loud nightlife.

And the private dining rooms are the best manifestation of elite dine ins, and the Sahara Star was swift enough to institute them. A cozy dining area wrapped around with excellent oceanic views and a menu that encapsulates the cuisine of almost all the continents. This place is the perfect weekend getaway for reserved families, romantic dates, friends night outs, and practically any sort of fancy festive gathering.

Now let’s shift our focus to the fundamental point here, the price this precious little heavenly area costs. Well, a spectacular realm with delicious delicacies and incredibly aesthetic views would undoubtedly cost sky-high. Thus, this private dining room of Sahara Star will charge you around twenty-five thousand rupees to thirty thousand rupees.

Wasabi By Morimoto – The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

If you are looking for a place that suitably defines the word ‘social grandeur’ then Wasabi By Morimoto – The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai is your answer. An extravagant palatial restaurant that beautifully serves up your dream of dining around in scenic views through luxurious indoor setups.

A restaurant highly famous for serving the top Japanese cuisine in the country. The sushi they serve has been named quite remarkable by no other Japanese tourists. Apart from that, they try extremely hard to satiate your hunger through a variety of different food cuisines. Their famously renowned dessert, the puff pastry, is a quite incandescent discovery in the dessert world.

The dessert is typically the talk of the town. After tasting the puff pastry, every other dessert you have so far eaten would amount to failure. Moreover, they offer throat quenching non-alcoholic drinks that add the flavors to your little sumptuous meal period.

Well, an incredible view blended skillfully with a sumptuous meal, you really do need to be a lottery winner to arrange all that. But guess what? The Wasabi By Morimoto – The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, offers all of this in fifteen thousand rupees. Of course, we won’t say that’s a minimal amount, but we would surely like to add that this restaurant is worth its price.

Orient Express – Fine Dining, New Delhi

Orient Express, does that ring any bells? Well, to all the literary stans out there, this place is for you, the breathtaking replica of the European Orient Express, which Agatha Christie so profoundly fabricated into an ingenious thriller asset centuries ago.

Yes, it is that Orient Express, and you’d be lying if you say that you did not wish to experience that train-dining that the characters in that novel do or people in any British imperial movie set up do.

Well, this pseudo-train-dining setting that strikingly resembles the Orient Express is a wish come true for cultural and literary enthusiasts. This gorgeous restaurant not only gleams at the expense of its grandeur but also because of the cornucopia of tasty dishes they serve.

A place to completely escape into classic European culture filling up on camembert soufflé along with wondrously aged red wine. And finally, satiating your appetite, drive by a delightful cheesecake. This restaurant is known to be highly rich in demand, and therefore if you ever plan to go here, our suggestion would be to book your table priorly.

Well, this classic replica with train-dining experience and imperial European vibes would cost you around thirteen thousand rupees.

Adaa – Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

Do you really yearn for an Indian royal dining experience, the ones with Mughlai cuisines and heavy cutleries and fancy tablecloths, well now we are talking? So, Adaa – Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad is your go-to place, a parallel royal setting that would make you believe you traveled back in time.

This place is known to be the most esteemed dining resort in Hyderabad. A pitcher of pompous decor and lavish interiors acutely complemented by the mystic views of the city. As you enter the restaurant, you will be royally greeted through water drips and bows that are most likely to create a royal environment.

With amazingly gorgeous dinner sets and sumptuous Indian cuisine is all you need to set the right mood. They are renowned for their classic garlic Naan with extra dollops of butter and a plateful of mutton biryani that nobody would ever like to miss. This incredible night will cost you around ten thousand rupees, as we know royals never compromise on fancy meals.

As we said, these restaurants are most likely to strike your aww and ouch nerves simultaneously. The awe with how grand your dinner dates could go and ouch with how broke they make you feel.

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