Benefits of Loans against Shares

The Benefits of Loans against Shares for Small Businesses

Are you willing to apply for a higher value loan but don’t have the collateral to keep against it? Don’t worry; if you have invested in shares, it is just the right time to make the most of it.

Yes, you can apply for a loan against shares with leading lenders at a lower interest rate. As a result, you can get the money to cover your many needs and aspirations in life without asking anyone else for it.

Quick reasons to apply for the loan against shares

When you apply for a loan against shares, you get to grab many unprecedented benefits. Here are some important reasons that will convince you to opt for the loan against shares during a financial emergency.

Reason #1 – Higher amount of loan

A loan against shares facility may let you seize as higher as up to Rs.10 crore. As a result, you can either use the amount to expand your business or use it for some personal needs. No matter what your need is – you can use the borrowed amount without restrictions.

Reason #2 – Relationship Manager to assist you

Are you facing any issues in operating your loan against shares account or have some any other queries? Nothing to worry! A Relationship Manager is appointed by lenders to help you with your all loan queries and requests. You can connect with him/her as per your needs.

Reason #3 – No part prepayment and foreclosure charges

You can make a part prepayment whenever you feel like or even foreclose the loan account even before the scheduled tenor. The best part is that you are not supposed to pay any charges or fees for availing the facilities.

Reason #4 – Hassle-free and easy documentation

All prospective customers who wish to apply for a loan against shares facility don’t have to submit so many documents. If you can furnish some basic KYC details along with documents of your securities, you are good to get an approval.

Reason #5 – Online account access

Most of the prominent names in the banking and non-banking finance industry let you access your loan account from anywhere and 24/7. The digital customer portal of the lenders let you track the progress of the loan from anywhere.

Reason #6 – Wide list of approved securities

The best names in the finance industry offer a comprehensive list of Shares, FMPs, IPOs, and Bonds that are accepted as the loan collateral.

The next time you need money, you don’t need to look out to anyone else to bail you out. You can apply for LAS online and get up to Rs.10 crore at a lower loan against shares interest rate to pay for your personal and professional needs.

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