Tasty Breakfast Dishes

Tasty Breakfast Dishes Where Potato Is the Major Ingredient

All the Indian breakfast and lunch recipes are filled with potatoes as one of the most important ingredients in a daily diet. While talking about the breakfast dishes in India the cuisine is such that there are varieties of dishes prepared out of potatoes or mashed potatoes which are totally different in tears because the process of preparation for the load is different from each other. Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates which are one of the essential nutrients that are required in everyday life, and that is why the people from India love to start the day with a meal filled with carbohydrates.

Breakfast recipes are to be very simple and should take a small amount of time to prepare because the people who are going to cook it stay tired after sleep and when the process is simple, plating the particular dish is easier and one would never miss time in their daily busy life.

Pahari Aloo

If you are thinking about Chinese cuisine then you have mistaken. This dish is totally from India and is rich in flavour because of a very high amount of spices in its gravy. With a great amount of thinly cut and cooked potatoes, the dish is prepared spicy so that people living in the higher areas with a winter-based climatic condition can make the most out of it. There are some natural herbs as well adding to its taste and nutritious content.

Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi is the iconic dish of potatoes mixed with cauliflower. This is common in Indian household because they have a fried taste which most kids love. Moreover, when they get an equal amount of fried vegetables and mouth-watering gravy, mothers can be sure that their kids are going to eat healthily. Thus aloo gobi is a dish to look for among the top choices of dishes made with potatoes.

Bhapa Aloo

If kids at home are lovers of steamed momo, then they are definitely going to love this Bengali dish. It is prepared with a list of spices incorporated along with potatoes. There are some special characteristics of this dish including dense gravy filled with too many mixtures of taste that people would love to have. There are lots of alterations that can be made in ingredients but with all the processes followed perfectly according to the recipe it is going to be a perfect dish for breakfast.

Dum Aloo

Dum aloo is one of the most common dishes made in different households. This is because the process is simple along with the ingredients that are easily available. It is perfect for breakfast because it is filled with great amount of nutrients that offer the energy for the whole day of work. If someone wants they can get dum aloo recipe in hindi from online website.

Every Indian household has an ideal breakfast with bread and the potato recipes freshly prepared at home. Mothers prefer that their kids get a wholesome meal before going to school and for that, it is perfect to have these dishes.

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