Military Leadership

Stephen Varanko III – The Importance of Discipline in Military Leadership

Discipline is very crucial in military leadership that is formed on the basis of obedience and commands. The process entails the person subordinating will for the greater good and benefit of the group. Without discipline in military actions, one cannot perform duties and functions correctly.

Stephen Varanko III is an esteemed name in the USA when it comes to organizational leadership. He has been in the field since high school and believes that leadership is a skill that needs to be developed. This holds true for people who aspire to be leaders in the army. The individual first needs to be disciplined so that others too are inspired to follow an example. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to master discipline however if you wish to be a leader, you must work on it from now.

Characteristics of a good military leader

In order to be a good military leader, one must have a strong moral character. The military leader will serve as an inspiration to the other cadets and subordinates. He must maintain the highest levels of moral character. This extends to the simple duties they do in daily tasks. A good leader in the military is able to identify the needs of the subordinate and place their needs before his own needs.

A powerful sense of duty

Every leader in the military has a powerful sense of duty that is strong and unshakable. A good leader will always take the right steps to assess everything is in order. Taking responsibility for actions is also an integral trait of a positive leader. The key here is to make personal contributions to the welfare of the nation and not wait for the orders of the superior to do so. A good leader is a role model for others to emulate and follow. A good role model is not only committed to one’s duty but also exercises the wisdom and thoughtfulness to take positive steps in the right direction all the time. A good leader in the military will lead the group in the event of challenges and combat. He is fearless and brave to sacrifice his life for the greater good. A military leader must forget his own needs and fight for the defense of the nation as and when needed. Moreover, he has a duty to protect the weak and ensure that the regions under his control are safe from enemy attacks.

Stephen Varanko III agrees that military leadership needs a high sense of integrity and respect. Though it may seem glamorous for most young men, being a military leader is indeed a hard task. One needs to step out of his comfort zone and always live on the edge. The objective here is not to think about oneself but the welfare of the nation and others. In order to become a successful military leader, discipline is the first skill that one must work on to become successful in the long run and fulfill the dreams of becoming a strong military leader!

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